Surname Saturday

Surname Saturday – Harley

This week, the surname I am focusing on is Harley.  This was my paternal grandmother’s surname.

My grandmother was Ivy May Harley.  She was born 6 September 1890 at South Melbourne in the Colony of Victoria (Australia).  She married my grandfather John Ernest Whimpey on 22 September 1914 at the Methodist Church in Kilcunda, Victoria, Australia.   They had five children.  My dad was their fourth child.  Ivy died 4 Jun 1959 at the family home at 63 Brown Street, Heidelberg (Victoria, Australia).

Ivy’s father was Alexander Alexander Harley.  Alexander was born 22 October 1866 at Rochford, in the colony of Victoria.  He married Henrietta Louisa Russell on 25 July 1888 at the Methodist Church in Cecil Street, South Melbourne.  They had 7 children.  Alexander died 7 September 1939 at Woolamai.

Alex’s father was Robert Harley.  Robert was born 31 March 1817, and christened 6 April 1817 at Longforgan, Perth, Scotland.  He married Euphemia Dandie on 3 June 1846 in Dundee, Angus, Scotland.  They emigrated to Australia in 1852 on the “Wanata”, with their three children, John, age 4, Mary age 3 and Margaret, an infant.  Margaret died during the voyage.

After arriving in Victoria, they had another 7 children.  They also appear to have adopted an 11th child (there is no birth record for him, and he doesn’t appear on either Robert or Euphemia’s death certificates, but his marriage and death certificates list them as his parents).  Robert died 10 October 1891 at 63 Hambleton Street, Albert Park.

Robert’s father was John Harley.  On the transcript of the 1851 Scotland Census at, John’s birthplace is listed as Forres, Murreyshire.  This appears to be a mistranscription of Forres, Morayshire.

John died on 11 June 1864 in Williamstown, in the colony of Victoria.  His parents were listed as Robert Harley and Janet Gun (or Cur).  In the Longforgan burial records, there is an entry for a Robert Harley, buried 25 January 1837 age 81, and an entry for Janet M’Kay or Harley, wife of Robert Harley, buried 2 December 1833, aged 73.  Although the surname is different on John’s death certificate, these would appear to be John’s parents.

In the Parish records for Morayshire, there is a baptism entry for a John Harreld, born 18 September 1792 and christened 23 December 1792 at Dallas, Moray, Scotland.  His parents were listed as Robert Harreld and Jennat Mcaish.  Although the surname is different, I was unable to find any Harley records in the area, although there are a number of Harreld (or Harrald) families.  Dallas is not far from Forres, and the name Jennat Mcaish is similar sounding to Janet M’Kay.  This would therefore appear to be for my John.  The Moray parish records also have a marriage of a Robert Harrald to Janet Hay on 27 June 1786 at Kinloss, Moray, Scotland.  Kinloss is close to both Dallas and Forres.

Kinloss, Forres and Dallas

It therefore appears that this is the marriage for John’s parents.  I have done some research to try and determine who Robert’s parents were, but I will include this in another Surname Saturday post, for the surname Harrald/Harreld.