Genealogy Software

Family Tree Builder 8

My Heritage has announced a new version of Family Tree Builder – Family Tree Builder 8.  I decided to check it out.

The first thing I did was to download my tree from My Heritage.  I had tried this with the old version of Family Tree Builder, but received an error each time I tried, so I hadn’t yet been able to take advantage of the tree sync feature.  I had originally uploaded my tree to My Heritage from a gedcom created in my main family tree in Legacy.

In Family Tree Builder 8, I was finally able to get the synchronisation between Family Tree Builder and My Heritage tree working.

One problem I noticed was that events, other than birth, christening, death, burial and marriage, such as immigration or census events, didn’t transfer across.

Although this isn’t a bad program, I am still going to use Legacy as my main family tree program.  In another post, I’ll set out the reasons why I prefer to use Legacy, rather than any other family tree program.