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Family Historian 6

I have heard reviews about Family Historian, so I decided to check out the program to see if I liked it.  The first thing I did was experiment with setting up a new tree.  Although adding people seemed fairly straightforward, there was one thing I noticed straight away when I started adding sources.  Family Historian seems to be designed to have a separate source for every record.  I have been using RootsMagic and Legacy for years now, and I have also tried other programs, and these all let you set up a master source (i.e. one source for all the birth certificates for Victoria, Australia), and then set up a citation for each individual record within that source.  In Family Historian, I couldn’t find where that would go.

So, I tried importing a GEDCOM of my existing family tree into the program, and I found that the source details were in the “Where found in source” box.  The problem is that this box only allows a limited number of characters, so for the longer citations, for example, census records, much of the detail was cut off.

I then decided to check out the Ancestral Sources plugin that goes with the program.  While I really liked being able to enter the data from a census record into the census forms in the program, and having the information automatically added to my family tree in Family Historian, there were two drawbacks

  • Rather than being able to have one master source for each type of census (i.e. 1841 England Census), a separate source is created for each household.
  • The forms for births, deaths and marriages weren’t detailed enough to cover the certificates here in Australia, which would mean I would have to enter this information manually into my family tree program anyway.

Although not a bad program, it doesn’t have the features I use regularly in my current desktop program (Legacy Family Tree).

2 thoughts on “Family Historian 6”

  1. Lois, I’m a Family Historian fan and have set up a number of what you call “Master Sources” eg WWW (very general), Sydney Morning Herald (and many other newspapers), NSW BDM Indexes, 1841 English Census and the list goes on. Wish I could sit beside you and show it how it’s done.


    1. I’m pretty happy with Legacy Family Tree, as I’ve been using it about 10 years now, and it does everything I want it to do. I was just doing a quick trial of Family Historian, since I had seen that it was popular in the United Kingdom, and wrote a quick post of my impression of the program. My reviews of other family tree programs are not very good reviews, as I tend to compare them to Legacy. I probably should have just stuck with my post “Why I prefer Legacy”.


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