Genealogy Software

Family Historian 6

I have heard reviews about Family Historian, so I decided to check out the program to see if I liked it.  The first thing I did was experiment with setting up a new tree.  Although adding people seemed fairly straightforward, there was one thing I noticed straight away when I started adding sources.  Family Historian seems to be designed to have a separate source for every record.  I have been using RootsMagic and Legacy for years now, and I have also tried other programs, and these all let you set up a master source (i.e. one source for all the birth certificates for Victoria, Australia), and then set up a citation for each individual record within that source.  In Family Historian, I couldn’t find where that would go.

So, I tried importing a GEDCOM of my existing family tree into the program, and I found that the source details were in the “Where found in source” box.  The problem is that this box only allows a limited number of characters, so for the longer citations, for example, census records, much of the detail was cut off.

I then decided to check out the Ancestral Sources plugin that goes with the program.  While I really liked being able to enter the data from a census record into the census forms in the program, and having the information automatically added to my family tree in Family Historian, there were two drawbacks

  • Rather than being able to have one master source for each type of census (i.e. 1841 England Census), a separate source is created for each household.
  • The forms for births, deaths and marriages weren’t detailed enough to cover the certificates here in Australia, which would mean I would have to enter this information manually into my family tree program anyway.

Although not a bad program, it doesn’t have the features I use regularly in my current desktop program (Legacy Family Tree).