Genealogy Software


After trying out Family Historian, and Ancestral Sources, I decided to see if there was a program like Ancestral Sources that would work with Legacy Family Tree., and I came across Clooz.

I decided to test this on my grandfather’s birth certificate.  This is the form that comes up for birth certificates


Although this form allows me to add a fair amount of detail like Ancestral Sources did (and it was easier to complete because all the fields are on the one screen), this doesn’t cover all the details that are on Australian birth certificates.

Our birth certificates have the date and place of marriage for the parents, and, except for the early years of civil registration in Australia, the names and ages of previous children are listed.  This means I would need to add this information to my family tree manually.

When I used the birth certificate forms in Ancestral Sources, although their form didn’t include anywhere to record details for previous issue of the parents, it was at least able to add the details for the parents to those individuals in my tree.  In Clooz, only the information for the person the certificate was added, and then when linked back to my Legacy family tree, all I ended up with was the date and place of birth for my grandfather, with none of the other information copied across.

I then decided to use one of the census forms, to see if that worked any better.  These seemed to have been set up better, as all the information from the census record does get transferred across, although as well as filling in the birth date and place, an alternate birth date and place with exactly the same information was set up.  There was an occupation event set up, which included the residence, and then a separate event for the residence, and also a census event.  This seemed to me to be an unnecessary double up of information.

I tried some of the other documents, and there doesn’t seem to be any flexibility at all in choosing what information you want to record.  I tried using the book option, but there was only a limited amount of information that could be added for a person.  Also, if you are using a book, then it is likely to be because it provides birth, death and marriage information.  There was no option in the book or generic forms to record any of this information.

Since census records are only some of the documents that I work from, for a large portion of my research I would have to add the information manually to my tree anyway, I decided not to continue with Clooz after the trial period was up.