Microsoft Excel

Longevity pedigree chart

A few blogs I follow have lately done posts about Longevity Pedigree Charts. The problems they faced was that the genealogy programs don’t allow you to show age at death and cause of death on their pedigree charts.

A couple of the options proposed were to print out a pedigree chart, and then add these details by hand.  Another option was to set up a new tree in the genealogy software with these details in the given name field.

Another option is to use Microsoft Excel.  In this way, you can include any information you want.  I opted just to use the name, age at death and cause of death, but you could also include the birth and death information.

By using Excel, you can also format the cells any way you want.

Longevity pedigree chart

Update: after creating my own Longevity Pedigree Chart, I thought that others might find it useful to have a template to create their own Longevity Pedigree Chart.  I have therefore created one, which can be found on the page Templates.