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New look to my blog and family tree

Yesterday, I upgraded to TNG (The Next Generation of Genealogy Software) V11, for my family tree pages on this site, and I decided to change to the new Template 15.  I had integrated TNG with WordPress, but with the new cover page for Template 15, I decided to keep my blog and my family tree separate on my site.  I was able to keep the link between my family tree and my blog, by featuring various articles and post series on the welcome page for my family tree, as well as adding links to the top menu.

After doing this, I felt that the WordPress theme I was using didn’t really fit the look of my family tree pages.  As a result, I decided to check out other WordPress themes to find one that worked better.  The Theme I chose was ColorMag by ThemeGrill.  As well as being able to adjust the color scheme to match my family tree pages, this new theme offered a few new options:

A banner at the top that scrolls the titles of my latest posts


An icon to select a random post


A You May Also Like feature, to suggest other posts a reader may be interested in


After going back and forth between my blog and my family tree, one thing I didn’t like about the new template in TNG was the color scheme:


I didn’t think the brown matched with the top menu and footer.  This is the new color scheme I set up:


I may still do some changes as I think that the headings might look better if they were the same color as the top menu.