Surname Saturday

Surname Saturday – Marr

The first person in my tree with this surname was my mother, Edith Jean Marr, so the Marr family is one of the main branches of my family.

1 Lois Whimpey

2 Ivon Walter Whimpey
3 Edith Jean Marr.  I have already written a few posts about my mum:
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52 Ancestors (2015) #14 Edith Jean Marr
52 Ancestors (2014) #14 Edith Jean Marr

6 Wilfred Palmer Marr Details about my grandfather can be found in the post:
52 Ancestors #15 Wilfred Palmer Marr

Wilfred married Edith Meriden Docwra, and they had three children:

  • Edith Jean Marr – my mum
  • Margaret Amelia Marr. I have also already done a post about Aunty Margaret: 52 Ancestors (2015) #12 Margaret Amelia Marr
  • Aubrey Ronald Marr. Uncle Aubrey was born 15 May 1926 at Kooweerup.  He never married.  Aubrey was killed when he was struck by a car in Springvale Road Keysborough on 14 January 1996.  He was buried on 19 January 1996 at the Pakenham Cemetery.

12. Henry Palmer Marr. Details about my great grandfather can be found in the post:52 Ancestors (2014) #34 Henry Palmer Marr.

Henry married Mary Reeves and they had 10 children:

  • Amelia Marr 1885-1954. Amelia never married.
  • Henry Palmer Marr 1887-1949. Henry married Mary Susan Nash and they had 8 children.
  • Mary Marr 1889-1908
  • Elsie Marr 1891-1970. Elsie married William John Sayer and they had 5 children
  • Wilfred Palmer Marr 1892-1955. Refer above.
  • George Marr 1895-1949. He married Austral Grace McNulty and they had 9 children.
  • Alexander Marr 1897-1970. He married Myrtle Nellie Grace Bruton and they had 4 children.
  • John James Marr 1899-1967. He married Frances Cook and they had 6 children
  • Martha Marr 1901-1996. She married Harold John Hosking and they had 2 children
  • Stuart Marr 1904-1945. He married Doris Annie Cutts and they had 2 children.

24. James Marr. Details about James can be found in the post:
52 Ancestors #26 James Marr

James was born in 1827 in Dundee, Scotland, and married Martha Richardson in 1845 in Dundee.  They had two children while in Scotland, Agnes Marr born 1846 and Peter Marr born 1847.  Agnes died young, in 1847, and in 1849, James, Martha, and son Peter, migrated to Australia in 1849 on the “Ann Miln”.  After arriving in Australia, James and Martha had 11 more children.  Their 13 children were:

  • Agnes Marr 1846-1847
  • Peter Marr 1847-1889. He married Harriet Rebecca Gregory and they had 8 children.
  • Charles John Marr 1850-1933. He married Maria Reeves and they had 11 children.
  • Catherine Marr 1852-1928. She married William Johnston and they had 6 children.
  • James Marr 1854-1854
  • Martha Marr 1855-1857
  • Jemima Marr 1857-1913. She married Thomas Gardner Nicholls and they had 6 children.
  • Henry Palmer Marr 1859-1944. Refer above
  • Alexander Marr 1861-1934. He married Isabella Lawrie Vowles and they had 2 children.
  • David Marr 1862-1863
  • William Marr 1863-1864
  • Matilda Stewart Gordon Marr 1865-1948. She married David Carrick and they had 5 children.
  • Thomas Miller Marr 1869-1941. He married Margaret Wilson and they had 6 children.

48. John Marr. Details about John can be found in the post
52 Ancestors (2015) #4 John Marr

John Marr married Agnes Philip 12 January 1812.  None of their children appear on the parish registers for Scotland (at ScotlandsPeople), so we have only found 6 children from census and death records.:

  • David Marr 1812-1872. David never married
  • Elizabeth Marr 1822-1915. Elizabeth never married
  • Thomas Marr 1826-1903. Thomas married Ann Fenton and they had 10 children.
  • James Marr 1827-1899. Refer above.
  • Agnes Marr 1830-1909. Agnes never married.
  • John Marr 1832-1906. John married Catherine Kerr and they had 2 children.

96. Peter Marr. Peter married Ann Tosh on 13 March 1789 at Dundee, Angus, Scotland. They had two children:

  • Anne Marr born 1789
  • John Marr 1790-1851. Refer above

Peter (listed on some records as Patrick) was buried 21 Nov 1831 at the Howff Cemetery in Dundee.  The cemetery shows he was 63 years old and from Aberdeen, and that he was a shoemaker.   However, my Aunty Margaret said that the family came to Dundee from Dunbar.   Dunbar is in East Lothian, which is to the south of Dundee, while Aberdeen is north of Dundee.

A search of the Old Parish registers on ScotlandsPeople found only 2 entries for the surname Marr (Exact spelling) given name starting with P, between 1760 and 1770 in all of Scotland.

1          13/09/1765       MARR PETER ROBERT MARR/ISOBELL WILSON FR2212 (FR2212)          M         ST CUTHBERT’S  EDINBURGH CITY CITY/MIDLOTHIAN      685/02 0080 0212
2          26/11/1769       MARR PETER JAMES MARR/MARY WIER FR1539 (FR1539)          M            PRESTONPANS          /EAST LOTHIAN        718/00 0050 0150

It is not yet known if either of these entries are for our Peter, so I have not been able to trace the Marr family back further than this at this stage.