Ancestor charts

Places of birth for my children’s ancestors

After doing the chart for my ancestors, I decided to do my ex-husband’s ancestors.  While we both have 15 ancestors who were born in Australia, there is quite a difference in where his ancestors originally came from.

Ancestors birthplace (husband)

And here’s the pie chart

Pie Chart

Since there were only a few ancestors from each country, and all of his ancestors born in Australia were born here in Victoria, I haven’t broken it down into counties as I did with mine.

I have a question mark next to Germany for my ex-husband’s great grandfather, and his parents, as it is not yet confirmed who he was, although he was rumored to have been from Germany.  The 1 from Prussia was born in Konigsberg, which is now Kaliningrad in Russia.

I then decided to put it all together, to show where my children’s ancestors were born from over 6 generations.

Ancestors birthplace children

Children's ancestors birthplaces

And finally, I’ve set up google maps to plot all our ancestors – first in Australia

And lastly, our ancestors from Europe.