Ancestor charts

Ancestor death place chart

Chen Hussen Passey on her California Girl blog did a post A Carolina Girl – My Birthplace Pedigree Chart.  She showed that her ancestors for 5 generations have been born in either South or North Carolina.

I have a similar situation when I do a death place chart.  All my ancestors for 5 generations have died in Victoria, Australia (the chart includes me, as I live, and am pretty sure I’ll die, in Victoria).Death place chart

Not very colourful is it?

It’s only when I go back another generation that some other colours creep in.

Death places 6 generations

Once they got here, they settled, and they stayed.

So, where in Victoria did they die?

Since Google My Maps only picks up one person at a location, I’ve included the table.  I’ve only included my ancestors for 5 generations.

death places

Here’s the map