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Australian State Libraries

In my post Blogging from A to Z Challenge – A is for Avoca, I featured two transcriptions from the Maryborough Advertiser from 1937.  Although Trove is a great resource for finding information about our families, there are still many newspapers that haven’t been added yet.  For example, only the years 1914 to 1918 have been added for the Maryborough and Dunolly Advertiser.

Also, if you are after any newspapers after 1954, these are still protected by copyright, so very few of these have been, or will be, added to Trove.

So, if you are wanting to find a newspaper not yet on Trove, or from after 1954, then the best place to find newspapers is in your State Library or the National Library.

Newspapers are only one of the resources at the State Library that aren’t available online – some of the others resources at the State Library include:

  • Birth indexes.  Although most of the historic indexes are now available online, there are some birth indexes available from after 1916.
  • Electoral rolls.  Ancestry has the largest collection of Australian Electoral rolls that I have found online, but the State Libraries have all the Electoral rolls for all the Australian states, up to the present.
  • Directories.  There are a number of directories from around Australia that can be found in the State Library that are not yet online.
  • Cemeteries.  Although many cemeteries now have their records online, there are still a few indexes, and transcriptions, that are only available on microfiche at the State Library
  • Books.  These are another resource that can give you more insight into your ancestors’ lives.  There are local history books, as well as general history books.