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Blogging from A to Z – D is for Dandenong

Dandenong is on the south east outskirts of Melbourne.  Growing up, we drove through it (or at least a short part of it) when we went for holidays at Kilcunda.  But then the south eastern freeway was built, so then we bypassed it.   There are a number of people in my family tree who were born, or died, at Dandenong, but I have decided to only write about two families with a connection to Dandenong

My great grandmother’s brother Edward Fitzgerald Russell married a Dandenong girl.  Catherine Ann McCoy was born in 1872 at Dandenong.  Edward and Catherine were also married in Dandenong, at St Mary’s Catholic Church, on 24 October 1890.  Their first two daughters, Henrietta and Mabel, were born there, and daughter Henrietta died there at the age of 5 months and 14 days.  By the time the third daughter Violet was born in 1894 they had moved to Port Melbourne.  In later years, they lived at Footscray, which is where they died, but both Edward and Catherine were buried at the Dandenong Cemetery.

The other family with a connection to Dandenong is the family of John Vine Holt and Evelyn Myrtle Oliver. It was only later in life that the family moved to Dandenong.  The first record of them in Dandenong was the 1949 Electoral roll, which shows they were living at 130 Herbert Street. Eveline died in 1962 at Dandenong.  Their daughter Irene Elsie Simpson died in 1966 at Dandenong, and their son George Sylvester Holt died in 1967 at Dandenong.