Mocavo free forever no longer

I came across the post Mocavo’s Free Forever Promise No Longer on the Ancestry Insider blog.  In this post he wrote: “I tried to see if the US census is available there for free for everyone, as it was on Mocavo. I was not able to tell for certain one way or the other, but it appears it is no longer available for free to just anyone”.

I only have a pay-per-view subscription at the moment, so I wanted to see whether these records were still free.

I decided to look for census records for my 2x great grandfather’s brother Isaac Whimpey, as he lived in the United States from the 1870 census until his death in 1912.  The first record I found was the 1900 Census.

When I clicked on Transcription, it automatically brought up the Transcription.  I clicked on Image, and it automatically brought up the Image.

But then, I went in to one of the UK census records, and I was able to bring up the Transcription and Image for that record as well.

So I went to My Account, and saw that they had added 1-month World Subscription, with Mocavo in the reference, and that this started on 29 March 2016, and expires on 28 April 2016.


It seems that the free forever is no longer – it appears to have been traded for 1-month free access FindMyPast’s world collections.

Then I thought to myself, I wonder if that includes the 1939 Register.  I found that the 1939 register is only available for those who have a yearly subscription, or you pay-as-you go.

However, the one month free access does include the Newspapers & Periodicals collections.

It’s time for me to do a lot of research, to take advantage of the one-month free access, especially since I’ve already missed a week.  I do remember getting the emails about the change, but because I haven’t been using Mocavo, I didn’t really pay attention.