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Blogging from A to Z – I is for Inglewood

When I was first married, my husband’s grandmother was living at Inglewood, and we went to visit her a couple of times there.

Lilah Adela Mulder was born 18 October 1903 at the family home at 562 Chapel Street, South Yarra.  She was still living there at the time of her marriage to Albert George Casey on 26 November 1921.   They had 5 children and lived various places around Victoria.  Albert died in 1965.

Lilah had moved to Inglewood around 1975, and she lived at 10 Belmont Street.

Lilah died at the Inglewood Hospital on 26 March 1987, and was buried at the Inglewood Cemetery.  Although they died elsewhere, her son Keith (Leonard Keith Casey) was buried in the same grave at Inglewood, along with one of Keith’s granddaughters, Ashlee Jane Pettit.  A grandson of Lilah’s, Patrick Robert Casey, is also buried at the Inglewood Cemetery.

My Whimpey family also had connections to Inglewood. Isaac Whimpey was born 13 October 1855 at Castlemaine.  He was the son of my 2x great grandparents, Joseph Whimpey and Margaret Price.  Isaac married Flora McArthur in 1884, and they had a daughter Annie, who was born in 1885.  Isaac died 13 April 1886 at Inglewood Hospital, and was buried at the Newbridge Cemetery.

Walter Whimpey and Ellen Vera Russell were married at the Methodist Church in Inglewood on 7 August 1907.  Walter was my grandfather’s brother.

Elizabeth Whimpey married Joseph Bannister Stow on 15 May 1868 at St Augustine’s Church in Inglewood. Elizabeth was the daughter of my 2x great grandparents, Joseph Whimpey and Margaret Price.

My tree shows that the following people were born at Inglewood.

 Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID
1  Ansett, Charles John Richmond  1905 Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I4821
2  Hunter, Mary Florence Penelope  1890 Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I8824
3  Russell, Mabel Caroline  1891 Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I8865
4  Swann, Stanley William  1877 Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I2596
5  Whitehead, Mary Ann  1861 Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I6621


And these died at Inglewood

 Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID
1  Baker, Robert Guy  5 Sep 1942 Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I2646
2  Faulks, Dulcie June  29 Apr 1943 Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I2385
3  Howie, Thomas  1910 Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I2328

There was also another marriage in Inglewood.  Thomas John Howie married Margaret Euphemia Simpson on 22 February 1909 at St Mary’s Church in Inglewood.