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Blogging from A to Z – K is for Kilcunda

When I was growing up, our family would spend our Christmas (summer) holidays at the Kilcunda Caravan Park.

My great grandparents, Alexander Alexander Harley and Henrietta Louisa Russell, had a farm at Woolamai, which is where my grandmother, Ivy May Harley grew up.

My grandparents met when my grandfather went to Kilcunda to work on the railway line. They were married in the Methodist Church at Kilcunda.

After they married, my grandparents returned to his home town, Tarnagulla. After the end of the First World War, they moved to Heidelberg.

Ivy’s brother Harrie and sister Edna also moved away from Kilcunda after their marriages. Ivy’s unmarried brother and sister, Cecil and Dorothy, stayed at home and took over running the farm after their parents died, Alexander in 1939, and Henrietta in 1949, and they continued to live on the farm until their deaths. Dorothy died in 1976, and Cecil died in 1977.

My grandparents would take their children down to the farm for holidays, and so, when we were children, my dad took us down there as well. Our family was too large to stay at the farm (I have six sisters), so we stayed at the caravan park.

When my parents retired, they moved to Wonthaggi, which is the nearest large town to Kilcunda, and my aunty Margaret, my mum’s sister, retired to live in Kilcunda itself. She was the only one in the family to actually live, and die, at Kilcunda, although there are a number of family members buried at the Kilcunda Cemetery.

These are a few photos I took while on holiday at Kilcunda in the 1980s.


Kilcunda towards Woolamai beach
Towards Woolamai beach
Surf beach from Railway line
Looking towards Surf Beach from Railway line
Kilcunda looking towards Bourne Street rocks
Looking towards Bourne Street rocks

And these are photos I took of the family headstones at Kilcunda

My great grandparents Alexander and Henrietta – this isn’t a very good photo – there is a better photo in a Public Member Tree at Ancestry

Their children were Harrie Alexander Harley, Ivy May Harley, Cecil Rupert Harley, Keith Aubrey Harley, Dorothy Agnes Harley and Edna Winifred Palmer. Only Cecil, Keith and Dorothy are buried at Kilcunda

Cecil & Dorothy Harley
Son Cecil & daughter Dorothy
Keith & Raymond Harley
Son Keith & Keith’s grandson Raymond
Gordon Harley
Keith’s son Gordon (William Alexander Gordon Harley)

Alexander Alexander Harley had a sister Catherine who married Alexander Benjamin Mackay. Their son Harold, and his wife, also moved to the Kilcunda area, and are buried at Kilcunda

Harold & Sarah Mackay
Harold & Sarah Mackay

Their son Sydney is also buried there.

Sydney Mackay
Sydney Mackay