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Blogging from A to Z – L is for Lancefield

John Harley and his wife Elizabeth moved to the Lancefield area sometime between 1860 and 1864. He and his brother Robert were farmers at Hesket and Rochford

John died 21 June 1891 at Rochford, and was buried at the Lancefield Cemetery.  It would appear that the family moved into Lancefield after John’s death, as the 1903 Electoral roll shows the family living at Lancefield.  John’s wife Elizabeth died 18 March 1913 at Lancefield, and is also buried at the Lancefield Cemetery.

Harley family

John and Elizabeth’s children were:

  • John Harley born 1854, died 1924 at Lancefield.
  • Helen Hodge Harley born 1856, died 1857.
  • Alexander Harley born 1858 died 1931. More about Alexander and his family below.
  • George Martin Bower Harley born 1860 died 1943. George had 9 children, who were born in the Lancefield area, 7 at Woodend, 1 at Hesket and 1 at Kyneton.  George and his family later moved out of the area
  • Agnes Moncur Harley born 1862 died 1922 at Lancefield. More about Agnes and her family below.
  • Elizabeth Bower Harley born 1864 at Rochford died 1949. She was also buried at Lancefield Cemetery. She never married

Alexander Harley first married Martha Amelia Webster, and they had 2 children:

  • Alexander James Harley who was born in 1889 at Romsey, and died 10 April 1919 at Lancefield. He was the Alexander J. Harley buried with John and Elizabeth at Lancefield Cemetery
  • Olive Amelia Bower Harley born in 1891 at Rochford.  She married and left the area

Martha died in 1893 at Rochford.  She had been born in 1862 at Lancefield.   Alexander then married Ada Margaret Langdon Edwards. Ada had also been born at Lancefield, in 1866.  Alexander and Ada had 6 children:

  • Ada May Harley born 1899 at Rochford, died 1940
  • Robert Langdon Harley born 1900 at Lancefield died 1975
  • Louis Lindsay Harley born 1902 Lancefield died 1968
  • Gilbert Charles Harley born 1903 at Lancefield, died 1977
  • Douglas Edward Harley born 1908 at Lancefield, died 1909 at Lancefield
  • Margaret Elizabeth Harley born 1910 at Lancefield

Alexander and Ada later moved away from Lancefield.  Alexander died in 1931, and Ada in 1959.

Agnes Moncur Harley was born in 1862. She married Robert Hemphill in 1884, and they had the following children:

  • Jessie Bower Hemphill born 1885 at Lancefield.   Jessie never married.  She and her other two unmarried sisters, Mary and Beatrice, moved from Lancefield between 1954 and 1963.
  • Ruby Elizabeth Hemphill born 1887 at Lancefield.  She married Charles Lang and they moved away from Lancefield
  • Alexander Bower Hemphill born 1889 at Lancefield. He married Dora Emily Gould in 1921, and they lived at Lancefield until around 1949, and then moved to New South Wales. He died in 1963, and Dora died in 1966.
  • Mary Hamilton Hemphill born 1891 at Lancefield. She never married.  She lived at Lancefield until between 1954 and 1963.  She died in 1964 at Parkville, and was buried at Lancefield Cemetery.
  • Beatrice Daisy Hemphill born 1893 at Lancefield. She also never married.  She lived at Lancefield until between 1954 and 1963. She died in 1968.  She was buried with her sister Mary at Lancefield Cemetery.
  • Laura Christina Hemphill born 1895 at Lancefield. She married Henry Arnold Barbour and they moved away from the Lancefield area. Laura died in 1966.
  • Walter Robert Hemphill born 1898 at Lancefield. Walter, and his wife Florence, were living at Lancefield until about 1949.  Walter died in 1969. Florence died in 1995.

Agnes died in 1922 at Lancefield, and is buried at the Lancefield Cemetery.  Her husband Robert Hemphill died in 1936 at Lancefield, and is also buried at the Lancefield Cemetery.

Agnes & Robert Hemphill

Although they died elsewhere, Agnes and Robert’s daughters Mary Hamilton Hemphill and Beatrice Daisy Hemphill are also buried at Lancefield Cemetery

Mary & Beatrice Hemphill