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M is for Mitcham

Mitcham is where I grew up.  My parents moved to Mitcham around 1959, after buying the house at 9 Beaufort Street.  When they first moved to Mitcham, there were a lot of orchards.  By the time I grew up enough to remember, there weren’t many orchards left, just a few scattered farms, but there was still a fair amount of bushland.

I grew up in the house in Beaufort St, and lived there with mum and dad until my marriage.  My sisters and I went to the Mitcham State (later Primary) School and then the Mitcham High School.  Growing up, our family attended the Methodist Church which later became Mountview Uniting Church.  I was also married at this church.  My parents continued to live at Mitcham until dad retired.

This is a photo I took of our house in 1977.

9 Beaufort St

I remember riding billy carts down Endeavour St.  This is a photo of this hill, that I also took in 1977.

Looking down Endeavour St

Since our street was a fairly short street, which, after crossing Endeavour St, was a no through road, we were able to play on the road, without having to worry too much about cars.

These are another couple of photos I took of our street in 1977.  The first is looking down Beaufort St.

Down Beaufort St

The other is looking towards McKeon Road.

Towards McKeon Road

Growing up in Mitcham, there was always bush land nearby to go walking through.  On the corner of Endeavour St and Moresby St it was all bush land through to Quarry Road.  You could walk along Moresby St to Quarry Road, but we preferred to cut through the bush land.  As you can see from the GoogleMap, there is a small section on the corner of Endeavour St and Moresby St that is still bush land. There were some willow trees in that section that I used to climb.

Once you reached Quarry Road, you could go further along to Yarran Dheran.  These are some pictures I took at Yarran Dheran in 1977

Yarran Dheran 1977

(4) Yarran Dehran 1977

(3) School trip to Yarran Dehran 1977

They’re not very good photos, but they give you an idea of the type of bush land that there used to be all around Mitcham when I was growing up.

Here’s a much better photo of Yarran Dheran from Wikipedia Commons

Mullum Mullum Creek through Yarran Dheran