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Blogging from A to Z – R is for Red Cliffs

The first person in my tree with a connection to Red Cliffs is Fanny Harley, nee Brown.

Fanny married George Martin Bower Harley in 1888, and most of their children were born at Woodend. The family later moved to Danyo, near Murrayville, close to the Victoria – South Australia border.  Fanny was 78 years old when she died on 6 February 1941 at Red Cliffs.  Her death notice says she died in a car accident. The inquest index states it was a car and train accident.

Fanny Harley death notice
Family Notices (1941, February 8). The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 – 1957), , p. 4. Retrieved April 20, 2016, from

HARLEY. —On February 6 (result of car accident), at Red Cliffs, Fanny, of Gowrie, Danyo, dearly loved wife of George Martin Bower Harley,and loving mother of George, Herbert, Edward, Jessie (Mrs. F. Higgins), William, Ernest, Frances (Mrs. Forsyth), Hilda (Mrs. P. Frank), and Earl, aged 77 years.

Mildura was the largest town near where George and Fanny were living at Danyo, and to get to Mildura from there you would have to go through Red Cliffs.  This means that Fanny was probably on her way to or from Mildura when she was killed.

I have a family in my tree with a closer connection to Red Cliffs.  My great grandfather, Henry Palmer Marr, had two brothers: Peter and Charles.

Peter Marr married Harriet Rebecca Gregory in 1873 in Craigie (near Maryborough), and their children were all born in the Maryborough area.  Sometime after Peter’s death in 1889, Harriet took the family and moved to the Mildura area.  Harriet died on 30 April 1929 at Red Cliffs.  Three of Peter and Harriet’s sons moved to Western Australia, while two daughters and a son stayed in the Mildura area.

Peter and Harriet’s daughter Martha Elizabeth Marr married William Collinson.  Many of their children lived at Red Cliffs, and some of their descendants were still living at Red Cliffs in 1994.  The family worked as horticulturists, in the dried fruits industry, at Red Cliffs.

Charles and his wife Maria moved to Mildura itself, but two of their sons lived at Red Cliffs: Colin David Marr and Herbert Henry Marr.  Herbert’s first wife, Myrtle Grace Buchan, died at Red Cliffs in 1925.  Their daughter Beatrice Margaret Marr had died a year earlier, in 1924, at Red Cliffs.  Colin David Marr and his wife Gladys Georgina nee Crofts are mentioned on the Red Cliffs Pioneers page  Colin died 22 March 1988, and Gladys died 5 November 1987.

This page also includes members of the Collinson family:

COLLINSON , Evelyn Maude . 29 May 1938 . Aged 30 years
COLLINSON , Leon Desmond . 20 August 1938 . Aged 4 years
COLLINSON , Mary Margaret. Wife of Neil A . 17 April 1914 – 19 May 2000
COLLINSON , Neil Albert . 24 August 1913 – 28 March 2002

Neil was the son of Martha Elizabeth Marr.  Evelyn Maud Collinson was the wife of Lewis Ferdinand Collinson.  Leon Desmond Collinson was their son.  Lewis Ferdinand Collinson (also known as Ferdinand Lewis Collinson) was another son of Martha Elizabeth Marr.

I also found that a member of the Marr family is buried at the Red Cliffs Lawn Cemetery

MARR , Colin Charles. Son of Colin and Gladys . 28 December 1933 – 28 May 1993

In searching for more information about the family at Red Cliffs, I found the following article, which would appear to be for Evelyn Maud Collinson, nee Bennett.

Mother shot dead
MOTHERSHOT DEAD (1938, May 31).The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 – 1957), , p. 1. Retrieved April 21, 2016, from

Tragedy with
Pea Rifle
A mother was fatally wounded while her young son was showing her a pea rifle at Red Cliffs last night. The victim was Mrs. F. Collinson, aged about 40 years, of Spider’s Web.
Yesterday morning a relative, accompanied by a friend, called at the Collinson home and took two of the sons, aged 8 and 10 years, on a shooting expedition to Garfield, beyond Nowingi. An uncle drove the two boys home and was unloading the car when he heard the younger boy say to his mother. “Look what I’ve got”.
Almost immediately a shot was heard and Mrs. Collinson fell to the ground. She was taken to the clinic at Red Cliffs, but was dead on arrival
Second Death
Mrs. Collinson was well known in Salvation Army circles, having been a member of the organisation at Red Cliffs for a number of years.
This was the second death in the family in the last two months. A son, aged four years, died in the Mildura Base Hospital while receiving after-care treatment for infantile paralysis.