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Blogging from A to Z – Y is for Yalca-Yielima

The family connected to Yalca and Yielima is from my ex-husband’s sister of the family, the McPhan family.

Margaret Finlayson was the daughter of William Finlayson and Elizabeth Clyne (Elizabeth was the daughter of David Clyne and Elizabeth Sinclair, and my ex-husband is descended from David and Elizabeth’s eldest son David).

Margaret married William McPhan in Warrenheip in 1884, and the following June their eldest son, Mathew, was born at Drumanure. Mathew died aged 8 months at Barwo.  The rest of Margaret and William’s children were:

  • William Callan McPhan born 28 October 1886 at Yielima
  • Elizabeth McPhan born 4 September 1888 at Yalca
  • John McPhan born 8 February 1891 at Yielima-Yalca
  • Margaret Finlayson McPhan born 19 March 1893 at Yalca
  • Robert McPhan born 16 January 1895 at Yalca-Yielima
  • Matthew James Clive McPhan born 24 April 1897 at Yielima-Yalca
  • Jessie McPhan born 20 April 1899 at Yalca
  • David Henderson McPhan born 25 June 1902 at Yalca
  • George McPhan born 25 August 1904 at Barwo

The family moved to Temora in New South Wales between 1904 and 1912.

One of the few articles I found that mentioned the McPhan name in relation to Yalca or Yielima was the obituary for William McPhan.

Mr. W. McPhan obituary
MR. W. McPHAN. (1917, September 11).Nathalia Herald and Picola, Narioka, Kotupna and Moira Advertiser (Vic. : 1914 – 1918), , p. 2. Retrieved April 29, 2016, from

Last week a telegram from Temora, N.S.W., announced to relatives in this district that William McPhan, a farmer known in this district, had died there suddenly. The late W. McPhan was for a long time living in Yielima, but some years ago sold his property to Mr J. Crane and moved with his family to the Temora district. Whilst living in this district he was a strong supporter and large exhibitor of the local Agricultural Society. Of late his health has not been robust; not long ago he met with a serious accident having his collar bone broken and other injuries. About three years ago he visited his relatives and was several times in Nathalia.  He returned home but as seen he died very soon after. A large family (one son being at the first not to survive him. Mrs Carland and Mrs Jos. Henderson, both reside in the parish of Yeilma are sisters of the late Mr McPhan.