Blogging from A to Z

Blogging from A to Z challenge – Z is for Zigzag

Although there are a couple of towns in Victoria that start with the letter Z, my family doesn’t have a connection to either of these towns. So, I was faced with the dilemma of what to use for this last post in the challenge.

I had completed about 4 posts when I noticed that I was zigzagging my way across Victoria. (A for Avoca, B for Baxter, and then back across to C for Castlemaine, and back to D is for Dandenong). So I decided to use Z is for Zigzag for my last post, and to make my last post in the challenge a summary post.

This is a map of all the locations I have covered in this challenge.

This is a summary of my A to Z posts

A is for Avoca.  There were two families connected with Avoca in my family tree, the Ganes and the Trickeys.

B is for Baxter.  Baxter is where my mum’s parents met and were married, as both families were living at Baxter at that time.

C is for Castlemaine.  The main family that had a connection to Castlemaine was my Whimpey family.  The family of Robert Frederick Russell and Lucie Coles Gammon also lived there for a while.

D is for Dandenong.  In this post I talked about another couple from the Russell family, Edward Fitzgerald Russell and his wife Catherine Ann McCoy.  I also talked about John Vine Holt and Evelyn Myrtle Oliver.

E is for Eaglehawk.  The Willis family lived at Eaglehawk.

F is for Footscray.  This post featured the family of John Harley.

G is for Geelong.  The family of John Theodore Mulder lived at Geelong.

H is for Heidelberg.  This is where my father was born and raised.

I is for Inglewood.  The Casey family has links to Inglewood. One of my Whimpey relatives was also married there.

J is for Jamieson.  This is where the Morck family were from.

K is for Kilcunda.  I talked about my great grandparents, and how I have spent many holidays at Kilcunda.

L is for Lancefield.  This is where the two Harley brothers, who came to Australia from Scotland, lived.

M is for Mitcham.  I grew up at Mitcham.

N is for Numurkah.  And Numurkah is where I live now.  One branch of the Meiklejohn family also lived in Numurkah.

O is for Omeo.  In this post, I featured the family of Horatio William Lowe

P is for Portland.  This post featured the Theisinger family.

Q is for Queenscliff.  The family of James Dandie and Louisa Jan Loveridge lived at Queenscliff.

R is for Red Cliffs. In this post, I talked about the death of Fanny Harley, nee Brown, and also the Marrs and Collinsons.

S is for Sale.  The Mansfield family were featured in this post.

T is for Tarnagulla.  My Whimpey ancestors were from Tarnagulla

U is for Ultima. This post featured Robert Faulks.

V is for Valencia Creek.  The Smith family lived at Valencia Creek.

W is for Williamstown.  Before living at Queenscliff, James Dandie’s family earlier lived at Williamstown.

X is for X marks the spot (where my ancestors arrived – Port Phillip Bay).  This post features my immigrant ancestors.

Y is for Yalca-Yielima.  The family of William McPhan and Catherine Finlayson are featured in this post.