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The Farmer family

Over the past few weeks, I have been sharing the results of my research into my ex-husband’s Mansfield family. This week I am sharing the research done on the family of Mary Ann Mansfield and John Farmer.

After getting the probate file for John Mansfield, and finding the mention of his sister Mary Ann Farmer, I went looking for her death, and found an entry for:

Mary Ann Farmer, born about 1844, death place Malvern East, Victoria, Father’s name Jno Mansfield, mother Nancy O’Neill, registration year 1919.

Since the mother’s name was different, I needed to confirm that this was my Mary, so I had a look to see if Mary had a probate file on the PROV website, and found she did have a file, so I downloaded it.

In her will she left money to: her sister Catherine Cross, her daughter Rose Cochrane, her nephew Thomas Mansfield, and her sons Richard Farmer, Thomas Farmer and Alfred Alexander Farmer.  The mention of her sister Catherine Cross confirmed that this was my Mary.

When searching for articles about the Smith family at Valencia Creek, I had found this golden wedding anniversary notice.

Farmer golden wedding
WEDDINGS. (1911, October 7). Leader (Melbourne, Vic. : 1862 – 1918), , p. 47. Retrieved April 27, 2016, from

I also found the marriage entry on the Victorian BDM indexes for Mary Ann Mansfield and John Farmer in 1861.

I then did a search of the Victorian BDM indexes, Trove, and and found the following information about the children born to John Farmer and Mary Ann Mansfield:

  • Grace Isabella Farmer, born 1863 at Ballarat
  • Elizabeth Farmer, died 1866 aged 3 years (birthplace listed as Ballarat)
  • Richard Farmer, born 1865 at Ballarat, died 1921 at Hastings. Married Mary Jane Birkley 6 November 1895 at Rosedale (marriage certificate found on a Public Member Tree at ancestry
  • John Farmer, born 1866 at Sale, died 1894 at Toongabbie
Death of John Farmer, junr
GLENGARRY. (1894, July 3). Traralgon Record (Traralgon, Vic. : 1886 – 1932) , , p. 3 (MORNING.). Retrieved May 11, 2016, from


Funeral of Mr. J. Farmer Junr
FUNERAL OF THE LATE MR. J. FARMER, Junr. (1894, July 6). Traralgon Record (Traralgon, Vic. : 1886 – 1932) , , p. 3 (MORNING.). Retrieved May 11, 2016, from


  • Eliza Jane Farmer, died 1873 aged 7 years (birthplace listed as Toongabbie)
  • Robert Farmer, born 1868 at Sale died 1954 at Traralgon Robert married twice, first to Agnes Archibald in 1897, and then to Alice Beatrice Mann in 1925.
Robert Farmer death notice
Family Notices (1954, October 18). The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 – 1957), p. 14. Retrieved April 26, 2016, from
  • Mary Ann Farmer, born 1870 at Sale. Married Robert Alexander Graham in 1907 Died in 1928 at Traralgon
  • Thomas Farmer, born 1872 at Toongabbie He married Augusta Elizabeth Duve in 1895.  Died in 1940 at Malvern.
  • Dorothea Farmer, born about 1875. She married William Graham in 1903. She died in 1942 at Brighton
  • Rosanna Farmer, born 1876 at Toongabbie. She married David Cochrane in 1901. She died in 1938 at Traralgon
  • Cochrane Farmer marriage
    ORANGE BLOSSOM. (1901, December 31). Traralgon Record (Traralgon, Vic. : 1886 – 1932) , , p. 3 (MORNING.). Retrieved May 11, 2016, from
  • Eliza Jane Farmer, born 1879 at Toongabbie. She married Robert Broomfield in 1906. Died in 1963 at Brighton East
  • Alfred Alexander Farmer, born 1880 at Toongabbie. He married Ellen Mitchell in 1907. Died 1957 at Bairnsdale.
  • Charles Matthew Farmer, born 1880 at Toongabbie, died 1881 at Toongabbie.