Surname Saturday

Surname Saturday – Phebe or Feben

The first person in my tree with this surname was Rosamond (Rose) Phebe (or Feben).

My ancestral line is:

1 Lois Whimpey

2 Ivon Walter Whimpey 1923-2009
3 Edith Jean Marr 1922-1990

6 Wilfred Palmer Marr 1892-1955
7 Edith Meriden Docwra 1904-1948

14 Harry Docwra 1866-1934
15 Emily Alice Oliver 1877-1925

30 George Oliver 1846-1930
31 Elizabeth Ann Ball 1856-1909

60 Frederick Oliver 1824-1855
61 Susannah Campkin 1827-1880

122 Stephen Campkin 1795-1869
123 Rebecca Pewter 1792-1843

244 Samuel Campkin 1759-1841
245 Rosamond (Rose) Phebe (or Feben) 1753-1818

Rose Phebe married Samuel Campkin (listed as Thampkin on the Parish register transcripts, – the Th may have actually been a K) on 5 May 1783 at Bassingbourn, Cambridgeshire.

Samuel and Rose had two children who were given Phebe as their middle name – Kitty Phebe Campkin christened 2 August 1789, buried 31 August 1791 in Bassingbourn, and Stoughton Phebe Campkin christened 27 May 1792 in Bassingbourn.  There was also a Phebe Campkin who married John Norman in 1809 in Melbourn, who appears to belong to this family, however no baptism record has been found for her.  Although she was listed as Rose on the marriage entry, she was listed as Rosamond on her children’s baptism entries.

A Rosamond Feben was christened 12 August 1753 in Guilden Morden, Cambridgeshire.  Her parents were Richard and Rose Feben.  Rose Campkin was buried 7 April 1818 in Melbourn, Cambridgeshire.  She was listed as being 64 years old, which would correspond with this baptism.

Richard Febee married Rose Wallis on 27 February 1751 in Bassingbourn.  As well as Rosamond, they had a son Richard, christened 20 April 1755 in Guilden Morden.  A Richard Feben, son of Richard and Rose, was buried 23 February 1755 at Guilden Morden.  There was also a burial record for a Phebe Feeben, dau of Richard & Rose, on 15 April 1756 at Guilden Morden.  There is a burial record for Richard Feeben on 15 March 1758 at Guilden Morden.

I have been unable to find a baptism record for Richard Febee/Feben/Phebe, so I have been unable to trace this family any further back at this stage.