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The family of Alexander William Marr

After my post yesterday about William Peter Marr, I decided to do some more research for the family of Alexander William Marr.  Frist, I searched for articles on Trove for “Alexander William Marr”.

The first article I found was another death notice, and the funeral notice, for William Peter Marr.

2016-06-14 William Pete Marr death notices

William Peter Marr death and funeral notices
Family Notices (1935, April 4). The West Australian (Perth, WA : 1879 – 1954), , p. 1. Retrieved June 14, 2016, from


The articles about William’s death that I shared yesterday showed he had an older brother, James Alexander Marr, and the death notice I shared yesterday showed he had a sister Thelma, who married Cecil Sampey.  This death notice gave me the names of 4 more children of Alexander William Marr.

Then, I found the death notice for Alexander William Marr.

Alexander William Marr death notice
Family Notices (1933, September 8). The West Australian (Perth, WA : 1879 – 1954), , p. 1. Retrieved June 14, 2016, from


I then searched at for a Thelma Sampey in Western Australia, and found a number of entries in the Australian Electoral rolls collection.  I also found her death entry which showed that  Thelma May Jeanette Sampey died in 1964 at Fremantle, age 57. Her parents were listed as Alexander J and Edith S. (registration no 24).

I then found a marriage entry for Thelma M. Marr in 1928 at Fremantle (registration no 332).

The Western Australian Online Indexes confirmed that she had married Cecil R. Sampey.

I then went looking for records for Lily Marr, and found a marriage entry for Lily H. Marr to Edward J. Field in 1931 at Fremantle (Registration number 237).

I was then able to find entries for a Lily Harriet Field on the Electoral rolls at Ancestry, and then her death entry.  Lily Harriet Field died in 1956 at Fremantle, aged 48.  Her parents were Alexander W. and Edith S (Registration number 241).

I was able to find son James as well on the Electoral rolls, and his death entry.  James Alexander Marr, died in 1966 at Fremantle, age 56, parents Alexander W. and Edith S (registration no 655/66).

There was a Murton John Marr who appeared on the Electoral roll in 1943.  He was living at the same address (Aberdare Street Bicton) as Edith Selina Marr.  Also at this address was Harry Miller Marr.

A Murton J. Marr was married in 1941 at Fremantle (Registration number 444).

A Harry M. Marr was married in 1949 at Fremantle (Registration number 156).

I found an entry on Google for Murton John Marr:

I searched Trove to see if I could find any mention of him, but there were no results.

I then went back to the Western Australian Online Indexes to find the birth entries for this family:

  • Thelma M. J. Marr born in 1906 at Boulder (Registration number 74)
  • Harriet L. Marr born in 1908 at Perth (Registration number 502).
  • James A Marr born in 1910 at Fremantle (Registration number 506)
  • William P. Marr born in 1912 at Fremantle (Registration number 453)
  • Harry M. Marr born in 1917 at Fremantle (Registration number 731)
  • Murton J. Marr born in 1921 at Wellington (Registration number 6)

The death notices had mentioned another daughter.  I have not included any of the records I have found for her, as she may still be alive.

James Alexander Marr was living in 1949 at 63 Petra Street East Fremantle (he was a mattress maker).  Also at the address was Laurel Joyce Marr.

Since the family lived in the Fremantle area, the next place to search for records was the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board website

I had already found the entries for Alexander William Marr, Edith Selina Marr, and William Peter Marr at Fremantle Cemetery.

I now found the entries for:

Harry Miller Marr, died 20 July 1989, aged 71 – Memorial Location   FREMANTLE CEMETERY  SAMSON AVENUE GARDENS    S4    0060

James Alexander Marr, died 3 December 1966, aged 56 – grantee Laurel Joyce Marr Grave Location FREMANTLE CEMETERY Cemetery ANGLICAN LAWN Area or Denomination LAWN A Section 0011    

Laurel Joyce Marr, died 29 May 2005, aged 89 – ashes TAKEN BY ADMINISTRATOR AT FREMANTLE CEMETERY

Murton John Marr, died 6 Feb 2004, aged 83 – ashes TAKEN BY ADMINISTRATOR AT FREMANTLE CEMETERY

Edward John Field, died 18 Feb 1972, aged 64, Memorial Location FREMANTLE CEMETERY  CREMATORIUM M    M    0048

Lily Harriet Field, died 3 June 1956, aged 48 – Grave Location   FREMANTLE CEMETERY Cemetery ANGLICAN Area or Denomination MON A4 Section 0209 Gravesite Grantee – Edward John Field

Cecil Robert Sampey, died 13 Jun 1991, aged 83 – Grave Location          FREMANTLE CEMETERY Cemetery PRESBYTERIAN Area or Denomination MON EE Section 0802 Gravesite

Thelma May Jeanette Sampey, died 18 December 1963, aged 57 – Grave Location FREMANTLE CEMETERY Cemetery PRESBYTERIAN Area or Denomination MON EE Section 0802 Gravesite