Trove Tuesday

Trove Tuesday – Thomas Gardner Nicholls

In going through my family tree, I noticed I didn’t have a date of death for Thomas Gardner Nicholls, the husband of Jemima Marr.  Jemima was my great grandfather, Henry Palmer Marr’s sister.  Since I hadn’t found his death on the Victorian birth death marriage indexes, I decided to do a search on Trove for any articles for him, and found the following article.

Letters of Administration Thomas Gardner Nicholls
Advertising (1947, October 20). The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 – 1957), , p. 14. Retrieved August 2, 2016, from

Since Letters of Administration for Thomas Gardner Nicholls (senior) had been granted to his eldest son Thomas Gardner Nicholls (junior), this indicated that Thomas Gardner Nicholls (Senior) died sometime between 1913 when his wife Jemima died, and 1947, when his son Thomas died.

I still couldn’t find any information about when Thomas senior might have died, but this notice did give me an idea of where I might try next – the Wills and Probate index on the Public Record Office Victoria website.  I searched for any entries for Thomas Nicholls, and there were two entries for Thomas G. Nicholls from Maryborough, one in 1947, and the other in 1921.  The 1921 entry matched the information from the above advertising notice, so I now had his death date.  From this I was now able to find his death notice.

Railway Employe's Death
MARYBOROUGH. (1921, October 14).The Ballarat Star (Vic. : 1865 – 1924), , p. 6. Retrieved August 2, 2016, from

Since Thomas died in Victoria, I went back to the Victorian birth death marriage indexes at, this time searching for anyone with the surname Nicholls who died in 1921.  The closest match I could find was the entry for Richard Gardner Nicholls.  I decided to get the certificate, to see if it listed his wife and children, to compare to the information I had for the family.  The certificate listed his wife as Jemima Marr, and his children were Thomas Gardner, age 58, Jemima Marr, age 56, Ann, age 54, Martha, age 32, William dead, and Catherine Elizabeth age 28.  This matched the information I had.  The informant at his death was Robert Passalick, Authorized Agent, Maryborough.  This appears to have been his son in law, as Thomas’ daughter Martha married a Robert Passalick.  Thomas’s father’s name was Richard, so that may have been how the error was made on the certificate.