Sunday afternoon Genealogy Fun

Sunday Afternoon Genealogy Fun – How Many “Mary LNU” persons in your family tree

Each week on Randy Seaver’s Genea-musings blog he has a post for Saturday night Genealogy fun. Because of the time difference, I have called my series Sunday Afternoon Genealogy Fun. This week the mission was:

1)  I have many females in my family tree database without a last name.  One of those female first names is “Mary.”  Do you have situations like this, where you don’t know the surname of some females? [I call them LNU persons – Last Name Unknown.]

2) How many “Mary” persons without a surname do you have in your genealogy database?  How many of them are your ancestor?  

3)  If you have one that is your ancestor, have you looked recently to determine if there are more records online that might lead you to her surname?  Go look for one – you might be surprised!

4)  Tell us about your MaryLNU ancestors with no surname.  Perhaps someone will read it and help you out!

5)  Share your information in a blog post of your own, in a comment to this blog post, or on Facebook or Google+.

6)  NOTE:  If you don’t have any “Mary” persons without a surname, then pick another female first name.

I started out with 11 Mary LNUs in my tree, out of a database of 11223 individuals.  None of these was an ancestor.  After reviewing the information in my tree, and doing some more research, I have 6 left with no maiden name.

Mary LNU born 1829 in Essex, England married William Howard in 1859.  She was a widow at the time.  She had previously been married to Joseph Parker.   Mary had two children to Joseph: Mary born in 1854, and Elizabeth born in 1856.  Since William and Mary were married in the Royston district, I thought it most likely that Joseph and Mary were also married in that district.  The only marriage I could find from 1850 to 1854 in the Royston district for a Joseph Parker was in June 1850.  There were two Mary’s on the same page (vol 6 page 865) – Mary Bysouth and Mary Wilkerson.  It looks like I need to get William and Mary’s marriage certificate, to see what her father’s name was.  Since this is a fairly distant branch of the family, it may need to wait some time.  William Howard was the son of Benjamin Howard and Charlotte Oliver.  Charlotte was the sister of my ancestor, Silvester Oliver.

Mary LNU was married to Samuel Laver.  They had a son, Nicholas, who was christened in 1734 in South Petherton.  Unfortunately, the marriage of Samuel and Mary is not on FreeReg, so I don’t yet have a surname for her.  Samuel was the son of John Laver and Joan Axe.  My ex-husband is descended from their other son, John.

Mary LNU was married to Ephraim Slawson.  Their first child was born in 1847 at Whiston, Yorkshire.  Ephraim was born in 1819 at Islip, Northamptonshire.  The surname Slawson is often mistranscribed, so I tried searching just with the first name Ephraim, but I was still unable to find a marriage record, in either the Free BMD index, the Northamptonshire Parish records (at ancestry) or the West Yorkshire parish records (also at Ancestry). I will need to get the birth certificate for one of their children to find out her maiden name.  Ephraim was the son of Ephraim Slawson and Hannah Freeman.  I’m descended from Ephraim (senior)’s brother John.

Mary LNU was born about 1877 in St Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands.  She was married to Arthur Claud Baudains.  They were married sometime between 1891, when Arthur was still living with his mother, and 1901, when he appears with wife Mary.  I haven’t yet been able to access records from the Channel Islands to find a marriage record for them.  Arthur (also known by his middle name Claud) was the son of Sarah Eliza Prout.  Her mother was Elizabeth C. Whimpey, the sister of my 2x great grandfather Joseph Whimpey.

Mary M. LNU was born about 1899 in Germany.  She was married to Clyde Clayton Burdick.  They appear on the 1930 US Census, living in Racine, Wisconsin, along with sons Le Roy W Burdick, age 3 6/12 and James C. Burdick, age 1 6/12.   Since this is a fairly distant branch of the family, I have limited myself to what I can find online, so I haven’t found a marriage record yet, to find her maiden name.  Clyde was descended from Ellen Marshall (born 1811 in Carlow Ireland).  Ellen was the half-sister of my ex-husband’s 2x great grandmother, Ann Marshall.

Mary LNU was married to George Whimpey.  They had three children: James born 1853, Eliza born 1855 and William George Whimpey, born 1858.  The family lived in Frome, Somerset.  The only marriage entry I could find for a George Whimpey was in the December 1851 Quarter, in Melksham, Wiltshire (vol 8 page 674).  There was a Mary Brown on the same page. The census records show that Mary LNU was also born in Frome, so it seemed unlikely to be the right marriage entry. There was also a death entry Alderbury Wilshire in 1855 for a George Whimpey, so this marriage doesn’t appear to be for the George in my tree.  I therefore still don’t know the surname of this Mary. I believe George Whimpey was a descendant of John Whimpey and Susanna Curtis’s son James Whimpey.  I am descended from John and Susanna’s son Joseph.

And these are the 5 I have found surnames for, although I still need to confirm a couple of them:.

Mary LNU was married to Joseph Stockbridge.  Their daughter Emma married John Campkin in Meldreth.  Emma had a brother William who was christened on the same day as Emma, so I had included them in my tree, even though they’re not in my direct line.  I searched the Meldreth parish register transcripts (Meldreth is one of the parishes I bought the transcripts for from the Cambridgeshire Family History Society), and found the marriage of Joseph Stockbridge to Mary Ann Holder on 5 May 1807 at Meldreth. Since Meldreth is a reasonably small parish, it seems likely this was their marriage

Mary LNU was married to David Prain.  Mary was born in Alford, Aberdeen, Scotland.  They had a son, David, who was born in 1858 in Kincardineshire, Scotland.  I decided to check the Scottish Statutory Registers at ScotlandsPeople, and found a likely marriage entry for David Prain and Mary Thomson at Alford, Aberdeen in 1856.  I still had credits left, so I decided to get the marriage certificate, which confirmed that this was the same person as the one in my tree.

Mary LNU married Thomas Docwra.  Thomas was born in 1639 in Bassingbourn, Cambridgeshire.  At the time of his death, he was a maltster from Ware, Hertfordshire.  His will, written 1 May 1694 and proved 8 February 1965, mentions a brother in law William Turner.  Since as far we know Thomas only had one sister, Alice, who married Henry Atkins (Thomas’s will also mentions his nieces Anne and Frances Aytkins), it would appear that William was his wife Mary’s brother, and therefore her maiden name was probably Turner.

Mary Munn LNU.  In reviewing the information in my tree, it appears I had entered her surname, Munn, as a second given name. Mary Munn married Montfort Docwra on 16 September 1813 at Potton, Bedfordshire, England.   Montfort was the son of Gamaliel Docwra and Rebecca Holbin.  I haven’t yet found a direct link to my Docwra family, although it does appear there was a connection, since both families were from Bassingbourn in Cambridgeshire.  I do know that there is a link through marriage: Montfort’s brother William Docwra married Sarah Starr.  Sarah was the daughter of Jacaminea Docwra, who was the daughter of John Docwra and Elizabeth Sell. I’m descended from John and Elizabeth’s son William Docwra.

Mary LNU was married to Charles Burgess Slawson. They were married around 1830, as their first child was born in 1832, at Brigstock, Northamptonshire.   A family tree at lists her as Mary Sharp.  This tree shows that they were married at Great Easton, Essex, which is where Mary had been born.  Unfortunately, these marriage records are not available online, so I am unable at this stage to confirm that her maiden name was Sharp.  I’m descended from Charles’ brother John Slawson..