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Donald Robert Nicol Guernet Gordon

Last week, I did a post about the eldest child of Charles Gordon and Matilda Stewart, Margaret Nicol Gordon.  Their second eldest child was Charles Gordon.  I have mentioned most of the information I have found for Charles in other posts, and he appears to have not married, so I have decided to do this post about their next child, Donald.

Donald was born 1 January 1843, while the family were travelling to Australia from Scotland, on the “Gannet”.  Donald was baptized, along with his two brothers, John and Andrew, 4 August 1850 at the Presbyterian Church in Melbourne.

Donald married Mariah Davidson in 1873.

The Victorian Historical Index shows the following entries, when I searched for the surname Gordon, father’s name Donald and mother’s maiden surname Davidson


Given name Event Reg. year. Reg. no
Matilda Triszvan Birth 1873 25523
David Birth 1876 10038
Donald Robert Birth 1877 23662
Duncan Stuart Birth 1879 10641
Douglas Young Birth 1881 24812
Minnie Birth 1883 25059
Daniel Davidson Birth 1886 4733
Mabel Birth 1888 31558
Mildred Rimmer Birth 1891 33130
David Death 1924 1028
Donald Robert Death 1941 10256
Daniel Davidson Death 1944 2485
Duncan Stewart Death 1948 6517
Douglas Young Death 1962 5448

In order to find the deaths for their daughters, I then left the surname blank and changed the father’s name to Donald Gordon

Surname Given names Reg. year Reg. no
Alexander Mildred Rimmer 1975 12320
Johnson Mabel 1943 3876
Walters Matilda Treziban 1930 5210
Williams Minnie Liston 1958 24258

Now that I had their married names, that made it easier to find the marriages for their daughters

I entered the surname Gordon, the daughter’s name, and then the spouse’s surname for each daughter, and found

Mildred Gordon married Alex Hartley Walton Alexander in 1913 (reg. no. 10188)

Mabel Gordon married Thos Johnson in 1910 (reg. no. 3989)

Matilda Trizivan Gordon married Herbt Walters in 1898 (Reg. no. 2791)

Minnie Liston Gordon married Wm Geo Williams in 1909 (reg. no. 3680).

Finding the marriages for their sons required double checking against other resources.

There was just one marriage entry for a David Gordon, without any other given names, between 1892 and 1924 – David Gordon married Alice Janet Pratt in 1904 (reg. no. 3403).  More research needs to be done to determine if this was the same David Gordon. I haven’t been able to find a death notice for David, or a will for him.

I found the death notice for Donald Robert Gordon, which lists his wife as Theresa.

Donald Robert Gordon death notice
Advertising (1941, October 13). The Age (Melbourne, Vic. : 1854 – 1954), , p. 1. Retrieved October 12, 2016, from

Donald Robt Gordon married Theresa Marie Hande in 1908 (reg. no. 1781).

There was just one marriage entry for Daniel Davidson Gordon – he married Ada Rubina Lord in 1913 (reg. no. 2057)

I found the following obituary for Daniel, which confirms his wife was formerly Ada Lord.

Daniel Davidson Gordon obituary
OBITUARY (1944, March 31).Williamstown Chronicle (Vic. : 1856 – 1954), p. 4. Retrieved October 12, 2016, from


There was just one marriage entry for Duncan Stewart Gordon – he married Nathiel Decla Loulie in 1924 (reg. no. 6800)

I found the death notice for Duncan Stewart Gordon, which lists his wife as Natlie

Duncan Stewart Gordon death notice
(1948, June 29). The Age (Melbourne, Vic. : 1854 – 1954), , p. 2. Retrieved October 12, 2016, from


There was just one marriage entry for Douglas Young Gordon – he married Olga Loucas in 1911 (reg. no. 10292).  Since Douglas died in 1962, his death notice/obituary is not available online.  I therefore decided to use the Electoral rolls to confirm that this was the right marriage.

I was able to find most of the family on the 1912 Electoral roll

Gordon family 1912
Australian Electoral Commission, “Australian Electoral rolls, 1901-1954,” online images,, (, Douglas Young Gordon, Electoral year 1912, Subdistrict Yarraville District Melbourne Ports State: Victoria.


It wasn’t until the 1919 Electoral roll that I was able to find Douglas and Olga living at the same address: at this time Douglas Young and Olga Gordon were living at 51 Somerville rd. Yarraville

His brother Duncan Stewart Gordon, and their mother Maria, were living at 36 Somerville rd Yarraville.

Douglas and Olga were still living at 51 Somerville Rd Yarraville in 1954.

In summary, Donald Robert Nicol Guernet Gordon and Maria Davidson had the following children:

  • Matilda Triszvan Gordon was born in 1873.  She married Herbert Walters in 1898, and died in 1930.
  • David Gordon was born in 1876, and died in 1924.
  • Donald Robert Gordon was born in 1877. He married Theresa Marie Hande in 1908. He died 12 October 1941.
  • Duncan Stuart (or Stewart) Gordon was born in 1879. He married Nathiel Decla Loulie in 1924.  He died 28 June 1948.
  • Douglas Young Gordon was born in 1881. He married Olga Loucas in 1911.  He died in 1962.
  • Minnie Gordon was born in 1883.  She married William George Williams in 1909.  She died in 1958.
  • Daniel Davidson Gordon was born in 1886.  He married Ada Rubina Lord in 1913.  He died 19 March 1944.
  • Mabel Gordon was born in 1888. She married Thomas Johnson in 1910.  She died in 1943.
  • Mildred Rimmer Gordon was born in 1891.  She married Alex Hartley Walton Alexander in 1913. She died in 1975.

Donald Robert Nicol Guernet Gordon died in 1911.  His will is available from the Public Record Office Victoria website.  The Wills and Probate index showed he was a wheelwright from Yarraville, and he died 17 March 1911.   In his will, he left his estate to his wife Maria, and he also named her as sole executrix of his estate.