Ancestry updates 20 October 2016

The following are the Recently added and updated collections at this week

UPDATED Belfast, Northern Ireland, The Belfast Newsletter (Birth, Marriage and Death Notices), 1738-1925 18/10/2016

UPDATED UK, Royal Hospital Chelsea Pensioner Admissions and Discharges, 1715-1925 18/10/2016

Ireland, Royal Irish Constabulary Pensions, 1873-1925 18/10/2016

UPDATED Ireland, Royal Hospital Kilmainham Pensioner Discharge Documents, 1724-1924 18/10/2016

UPDATED UK, British Army Recipients of the Military Medal, 1914-1920 17/10/2016

Canada, Certificates of Military Instruction, 1867-1932 17/10/2016

UK, British Army Lists, 1882-1962 13/10/2016

UK, Royal Air Force Muster Roll, 1918 13/10/2016

Orange Free State, South Africa, Estate Files, 1951-2006 13/10/2016

UK, Naval and Military Courts Martial Registers, 1806-1930 13/10/2016

UPDATED U.S., Homestead Records, 1861-1936 13/10/2016

Iowa, World War II Bonus Case Files for Beneficiaries, 1947-1959 13/10/2016

UK, British Jewry Roll of Honour, 1914-1918 13/10/2016

UK, Military Deserters, 1812-1927 13/10/2016

Hawaii, Passenger Lists, 1843-1898 12/10/2016

South Africa, Slaves and Free Blacks Records Index, 1658-1835 11/10/2016

UPDATED New York, New York, Marriage Index 1866-1937 11/10/2016

UPDATED New York, New York, Death Index, 1862-1948 11/10/2016

UPDATED Germany, Lutheran Baptisms, Marriages, and Burials, 1519-1969 11/10/2016

UPDATED Louisiana, Naturalization Records, 1836-1998 11/10/2016

South Africa, Select Estates Death Notice Index, 1833-2008 11/10/2016

Cape Province, South Africa, Estates Death Notice Index, 1834-1956 11/10/2016

UPDATED Savannah, Georgia, Naturalization Records, 1790-1910 11/10/2016

UPDATED Vermont, Birth Records, 1909-2008 11/10/2016

Transvaal Province, South Africa, Estates Death Notice Index, 1855-1976 11/10/2016



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