Sunday afternoon Genealogy Fun

Sunday Afternoon Genealogy Fun – How many Ann LNUs in your tree

Each week on Randy Seaver’s Genea-musings blog he has a post for Saturday night Genealogy fun. Because of the time difference, I have called my series Sunday Afternoon Genealogy Fun.  I wasn’t interested in following his mission this week, so I decided to use one of his old missions, from

1)  I have many females in my family tree database without a last name.  One of those female first names is “Sarah.”  Do you have situations like this, where you don’t know the surname of some females? [I call them LNU persons – Last Name Unknown.]

2) How many “Sarah” persons without a surname do you have in your genealogy database?  How many of them are your ancestor?  

3)  If you have one that is your ancestor, have you looked recently to determine if there are more records online that might lead you to her surname?  Go look for one – you might be surprised!

4)  Tell us about your Sarah LNU ancestors with no surname.  Perhaps someone will read it and help you out!

5)  Share your information in a blog post of your own, in a comment to this blog post, or on Facebook or Google+.

6)  NOTE:  If you don’t have any “Sarah” persons without a surname, then pick another female first name.

Turns out, I don’t have any Sarah LNUs in my tree, so I’ve chosen to use the name Ann.

I have 6 Ann LNUs in my tree:

1) Ann LNU married Richard Gayler. Richard Gayler was christened in 1679 at Great Eversden, and was buried 15 November 1710 at Great Eversden.  They had three children, and the first child was born at Dry Drayton, Cambridgeshire, so they were possibly married at Dry Drayton.  I haven’t been able to find a marriage record for them yet.

2) Ann LNU married Nicholas Whimpey.  Nicholas married Katharine Graunt on 27 September 1668 in Frome.  There were two children born in 1669 and 1671/2 where no mother was listed on the baptism entries. From 1676, the baptism records for his children lists their mother as Ann.  Ann and Katharine may have been the same person.

3) Ann LNU married Thomas Docwra. Thomas had been born at Ware in Hertfordshire in 1689, and he died in 1779 at Feering, Essex.  Ann’s maiden name may have been Wright, as I found a record at

Admission of Thomas Docwra on death of wife Anne, formerly Anne Wright.
Messuage and 70 acres land called Mulletts or Molletts, copyhold of Manor of Mundon Hall [in Mundon].
Recites Surrender by Thomas and Anne to the uses of the Will of Anne; and that Anne died intestate
Court of Thomas Western, esquire.
Steward: Robert Jegon, gentleman.

Dates of Creation:

12 July 1742.

4) Ann LNU married Edward Docwra. Edward was born about 1718, possibly in Orwell, Cambridgeshire.  He married Ann around 1740, and they had 3 children, William, Ann and Gamaliel.  Ann was christened at Orwell in 1744, and Gamaliel was christened at Bassingbourn in 1747.  I haven’t found a marriage record for Edward and Ann yet.

5) Ann LNU married Joseph Docwra. Joseph was born 7 December 1763 at Inworth, Essex, England.  He was the son of Joseph Docwra and Patience Raven.  This branch of the family were Quakers, so many of them appear in the  England & Wales, Quaker Birth, Marriage, and Death Registers, 1578-1837 collection at Ancestry.  I found burial entries for Joseph (in 1834), and Ann (in 1831), but not their marriage.  It was when I just searched for a marriage of Joseph Docwra to Ann between 1790 and 1810 that I found a Public Member Tree that showed that Joseph was married to Ann Garritt, and I was then able to find this record that confirmed this information:

Joseph Docwra marriage Operations Inc, “England & Wales, Quaker Birth, Marriage, and Death Registers, 1578-1837,” database and images, ( : accessed 30 Oct 2016); marriage entry for Joseph Docwra and Ann Garritt, 17 September 1793 in London, England; Piece 0510: Monthly Meeting of Devonshire House, Houndsditch, London: Marriages (1776-1794).


6) Ann LNU married John Prain.  John was born about 1850.  The 1851 census showed him living with his parents, Thomas Prain and Elizabeth Coupar, in Errol, Perth, Scotland, so that was probably where he was born.  I had followed John through the census years, and found him with a wife Ann.  I now decided to try and find his marriage.  I didn’t have much luck with ScotlandsPeople, so I tried FamilySearch, and found a marriage of John Prain to Ann Sharp, using these details, I was now able to find the marriage at ScotlandsPeople, and confirmed that John Prain, son of Thomas Prain and Elizabeth Coupar, married Ann Sharp, daughter of Alexander Sharp and Betsy Mitchell, on 31 December 1874 at Errol Village.

So, of the 6 I have now confirmed the maiden name for 2, and I have a possible surname for 1, a possible alternate name for 1, while 2 remain LNUs.