Sunday afternoon Genealogy Fun

An update to how many children/grandchildren in your matrilineal line

When I was preparing my post yesterday, about the number of children and grandchildren in my matrilineal line, I forgot that my grandmother, Edith Meriden Docwra, may have had another daughter.

Edith deserted my grandfather, Wilfred Palmer Marr, after the birth of their third child, my uncle Aubrey, and went to live in New South Wales.  She had returned to Victoria by the time of her death in 1948.  Her death certificate shows that she was also known as Edith Meriden Campbell.  I remember being told (I’m not sure by whom) that she was in a bigamist marriage, however I have not found a marriage in either New South Wales or Victoria that matches.

I was contacted back in 2011 by a woman who may be a cousin.  She told me that her mother’s birth certificate had listed her mother as Edith Meriden Campbell, maiden name Marr.  The middle name of Meriden is quite an unusual one, so it seems likely that her mother was the half-sister of my mother.

We were going to get together back then, but then I moved from Melbourne to Numurkah, and I haven’t heard from her since.

In her emails, this possible cousin mentioned she had a sister and 3 brothers.

So, the number of Edith’s children may be 4, not 3, and her grandchildren 11, rather than 6. This would also increase the number of Emily Alice Oliver’s grandchildren to 5.