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Last 3 children of Elizabeth Ann Oliver nee Ball

To finish off my series of posts about the grandchild of Elizabeth Ann Ball, I will quickly mention her youngest 3 children.

George William Douglas Oliver (born in 1888) was not yet married when he went off to serve in the First World War.  He was killed in action on 4 July 1918.

Yesterday, I shared some articles I found on Trove for the family of her next daughter, Eveline Myrtle Oliver, who married John Vine Holt.  These articles added one more child than I already had, but there was a distance between the births of the youngest 3 children I had found, that indicated there may have been other children I hadn’t yet found, so I decided the best way to confirm how many children she had was to get her death certificate.  Her death certificate showed she only had the 6 children I had already found.

For the youngest child of Elizabeth, Elsie Agnes Oliver, who had married John Vine Holt’s brother, Sydney George Holt, I had 3 children listed.  I did a search online, and found a family tree that listed 2 additional children.  I was then able to find a death entry for one of these children, and articles on Trove that mentioned the other child.  But I again found a gap in the ages of the last 3 children, so I also obtained Elsie’s death certificate, which confirmed she had 5 children.  Next week, in my Trove Tuesday post, I will share some articles I found on Trove for Elsie’s family.

I will also do another post next week, to continue my research on the children/grandchildren in my matrilineal line, this time focusing on the children and grandchildren of Elizabeth Skempton.