Clooz – More about obituaries

Last week, I shared some thoughts on setting up an obituary in Clooz, and transferring the date across to Legacy.

I had decided to use the Death record template, because this would allow me to enter the birth date and place, and burial date and place, and the name of the undertaker, if these details were provided on the obituary.

However, there were some events that I could type into Clooz, such as a location for one of the other people listed in the obituary, and the name and address of the undertaker, that weren’t transferred into Legacy.  Also, if the obituary mentioned ages of children, or a marriage place, these couldn’t be typed into the death record template.  In addition, when I use the Death record template, the name of the deceased came up in the Source detail field in Legacy.  While this would be appropriate for an actual death record, it wasn’t for an obituary.

My conclusion was therefore that the Generic Document template was more appropriate.

I also found that I didn’t need to enter everything I could from the obituary, since it wouldn’t be displayed in the composite view in Clooz, and wouldn’t be transferred across into Legacy.

This is the Generic Record template.

Although I have entered his father and spouse’s names, these aren’t necessary, since they don’t show up in Clooz, and they don’t get transferred into Legacy, until I add or link these individuals to this document in Clooz.

One thing I also noticed when I worked on a different record, was that when an occupation is entered, the address is transferred across into the Occupation event, and no residence event is generated whether an occupation is entered or not.  The place of the event may not necessarily be where the person was living (as in this case – Thomas died at the hospital in Swan Hill, but he lived at Winlaton), so it is probably better to leave this blank, and to enter this information directly into Legacy.

When adding/linked the other people mentioned in the obituary (or other document), the only information needed is the name, Sex, location (if included in the document), and the role(/relationship).

Although the location doesn’t transfer across to Legacy, this can be used in Clooz to compare with other documents, so that the right person is added to your family tree.

In my next post, I will share some additional tips when transferring documents to Legacy.