Clooz – Transferring data into Legacy

In my last two posts, I have covered choosing a document type, and setting up a document into Clooz.  I also covered how to link relatives together before transferring the information into Legacy.

In this post, I will be covering some of the other options available when exporting a document to Legacy.

I had entered a few documents into Clooz, and then came to the obituary and In Memoriam notices for Edith Copland.  The obituary mentioned her husband and children, and the In Memoriam notices were inserted by her brother Tom, and her sister Elsie, so each document mentioned different people. Because I had set up both documents as Death Records, the In Memoriam had created an alternate death record.  Since both documents provided the same date and place of death, there was no point having an alternate death. It would be simple enough to copy the source for the In Memoriam across to the original death event, and delete the alternate death. But what about all the people that were sharing the death event – these two sources would also come up for each of them, rather than just the document that they were mentioned in.

That led me to have a look at the Event sentence.  This is an example of the sentence for Louisa May Clyne, from after I set up the obituary for Thomas

I could change the sentence for this role, but it would take too long to go in and change the sentence description for everyone “sharing” the event, that doesn’t fit one of the default roles.  I could go through in Legacy, and remove everyone from the list of people sharing the event that doesn’t fit one of the usual roles for the event.  But a far simpler way is to unlink them from sharing the event in Clooz, before transferring the data to Legacy.

To do this, I need to go back into the Document Export in Clooz, and go to the Events tab. When it first comes up, only his birth and death events are showing. I then click to expand on the death events, and this provides a list of all the people “sharing” the event.

I would then go through and uncheck the boxes for all the relatives.  I would also uncheck the box for the minister and the pall-bearers, because they don’t share the death event, they share the burial event, so I’ll need to set these up manually in Legacy.  Unchecking these boxes doesn’t stop these people being exported to Legacy, they will just no longer share the event.

If you didn’t want to export the pall-bearers, or the minister, to Legacy, then you would simply go to the People tab and uncheck the box for that person.