Surname Saturday

Surname Saturday – Brown

The first person in my tree with this surname was Ann Brown.

The ancestral line is:

1 My ex-husband

2 Murray Irwin Willis (1931-1964)
3 Shirley Patricia Casey (1935-2013)

4 Thomas Arthur Willis (1900-1957)
5 Dorothea Isabella Sinclair Smith (1904-1979)

10 Thomas Smith (1873-1935)
11 Louisa May Clyne (1881-1949)

22 James Smith (1841-1938)
23 Dora Mansfield (1849-1913)

44 Thomas Smith (1813-1842)
45 Rachel Hamilton Wilson (1813-1884)

88 Thomas Smith (1770-?)
89 Jean Alison (1777-?)

178 Alexander Alison (1739-1822)
179 Ann Brown (1755-1800)

Ann Brown was born 14 August and christened 16 August 1750 at Stevenston, Ayrshire, Scotland. Her father, Robert Brown, was a schoolmaster.

She married Alexander Alison on 19 July 1773 at Stevenston, and they had 8 children:

  • Janet Allison (1774-?)
  • Margaret Allison (1775-?)
  • Jean Allison (1777-?)
  • Ann Allison (1779-?)
  • Robert Allison (1780-1790)
  • David Allison (1782-?)
  • Margaret Allison (1783-?)
  • Alexander Allison (1786-1787)

Ann was buried 23 March 1800 at Stevenston.

238 Robert Brown (ca. 1721-1806)
239 Janet Kinnear (-1757)

Based on his age at the time of his death, he was born about 1721. There are no baptisms for a Robert Brown for this period in Stevenston, and 3 possibilities in Ayrshire.

Robert Brown, son of Robert Brown, 22 April 1722 at Craigie
Robert Brown, son of John Brown, 8 January 1721 at Kirkoswald
Robert Brown, son of John Brown and Janet Watt, 1 September 1723 at Kilwinning.

Of the 3 parishes, Kilwinning is the closest to Stevenston, so the baptism in 1723 is the most likely.

Robert married Janet Kinnear on 15 September 1749 at Stevenston, Ayr, Scotland.

There appears to have been another couple where the husband’s name was Robert Brown in Stevenston at the time, so I have not been able to determine which of the baptism entries belong to which couple. I will need to check the original images, to check the occupation.

Robert Brown died 1 August 1806 at Stevenston.

I have not yet tried to trace this line any further back than Robert.

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