Trove Tuesday

Trove Tuesday – Elizabeth Clyne, nee Sinclair

For this week’s Trove Tuesday, I decided to run a search in Legacy for entries for people who died in Australia before 1954, and then work my way alphabetically through the list until I came across an article, or articles, that I wanted to share.  When searching for articles for Edwin Allardyce, I came across the obituary for my ex-husband’s 3x great grandmother (my children’s 4x great grandmother), Elizabeth Clyne, nee Sinclair.

Mrs E Clyne obituary
UPPER MAFFRA. (1890, March 14). Gippsland Times (Vic. : 1861 – 1954), p. 3 (Morning.). Retrieved January 24, 2017, from


March 13th

Our oldest resident in the person of Mrs E. Clyne, Newry, passed from amongst us yesterday afternoon, after a very short illness. The deceased lady had been gradually declining from pure old age for some time past, and her death was not altogether unexpected by her relatives, to whom it is a great consolation that she passed away quietly without suffering, surrounded by the kind and unremitting attention of her nearest relations. Mrs Clyne was born in Caithness-shire, Scotland, and married there, coming to Ballarat in Victoria in 1859, from whence she came to Tinamba with her son Mr James Clyne in 1868, and for the last four or five years has lived with her daughter, Mrs Williamson, in Newry. Mrs Clyne was well-known all over this and the neighbouring districts, being universally esteemed and respected for her many good qualities and social feeling towards all with whom she came in contact. She leaves a goodly array of descendants to perpetuate her good name, some of whom, Messrs James Clyne, formerly of Tinamba, and David Clyne, senr., Boxthorn Farm, Upper Maffra, are particularly well known throughout Gippsland as successful and enterprising colonists, taking a first-class rank amongst our farmers and graziers on all occasions. Her two other sons reside in the Ballarat district. Mrs Clyne leaves five married daughters alive, fifty grandchildren and thirty-five great grandchildren. Two of her grandchildren (daughters of Mrs Williamson, Newry), are married to Mr Greenup Osborn, Tinamba, and Mr Edwin Allardyce of Glen Thomson, and another, the daughter of Mr D. Clyne, senr., Boxthorn, is the wife of Mr Duncan McCole, junr., Upper Maffra.  I may mention that Messrs David Clyne, junr., Ralph Clyne, John Williamson and James Clyne, junr., of Upper Maffra, are grandchildren of the deceased lady.  Mrs Clyne had reached the great age of 85 years, and has gone from amongst us full of years, and honor, and of good repute.