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Mary Jane Prout

Mary had appeared with her parents on the 1851 and 1861 censuses, but not on the 1871 census. She could have possibly married or died, but there was no marriage or death found in the Jersey records.

I therefore decided to search for any records for a Mary Jane Prout, born about 1848 at St Helier, Jersey.

The 1871 England census shows a Mary J Prout at Kensington St Mary Abbott. She was a domestic servant in the household of Sarah E. Aubin. Mary was age 21, birthplace St Helier, Jersey.

There was also a Public Member Tree at ancestry that showed she married Henry William Smith in 1872 in Middlesex.

I then found the marriage of May Jane Prout to Henry William Smith on 15 January 1872 at West Brompton. Her father was Thomas Prout.

On the 1851 Census, Mary had been listed as Mary Ann Prout. The 1881 census had Mary Ann Smith age 33, birthplace St Heliers, Jersey, Channel Islands, in the household of Henry Smith at 40 Maxwell Road, Fulham, London. She was his wife. Also in the household were son John age 8, son Frederick age 6, daughter Elizabeth age 4, and son Edward age 2.

On the 1891 Census, she was again using the name Mary Jane: Mary J Smith, age 43, birthplace Jersey St Heliers, wife of Henry W Smith. Also in the household were son John H. age 18, son Fredk W. age 16, daughter Elizth age 14, son Edward G. age 12, daughter Emily A. age 9, daughter Louisa M age 6, and son Walter R. age 4.

In 1901 she was a widow age 53, living at 49 Broom Rd Fulham, with daughter Elizabeth age 24, son Edmund G. age 22, daughter Emily A. age 19, daughter Louisa M. age 16, and son Walter R. age 14.

There was also a John H Smith in the previous household, at the same address. He was age 28, birthplace Fulham, London. Listed with him were wife Lucy F. age 26, daughter Florence M. age 4, and son John F. age 1.

I then went looking for baptisms for the children in the London, England, Church of England Births and Baptisms, 1813-1906 collection and found the following children with parents Henry William and Mary Jane Smith
John Henry Smith was baptized 2 Febr 1873 at West Brompton
Frederick William Smith baptized 1 Nov 1874 at West Brompton
Elizabeth Jessie Smith baptized 3 Jun 1877 at West Brompton
Edmund George Smith baptized 25 May 1879 at West Brompton
Emily Alice Smith baptized 11 Oct 1881 at West Brompton
Edith Eleanor Smith baptized 25 Jun 1890 at Fulham St Peter
Ethel Annie Smith baptized 25 Jun 1890 at Fulham St Peter

Since Edith and Ethel didn’t appear with the rest of the family on the census records, I went looking for death records for them. Ethel Annie Smith died in the Jan-Feb-Mar quarter 1891 at Fulham (vol 1a page 262). Edith Eleanor Smith died in the same quarter, also at Fulham (vol 1a page 280)

I couldn’t find Louisa or Walter in the London, England births and baptisms, so I turned to FreeReg, I first looked for all the Walters born between January 1886 and December 1888. There was a Walter Richard Smith born in the March quarter 1887 in the Fulham district (vol 1a page 334).

I then searched for a Louisa between January 1884 and December 1886, and found Louisa Maud Smith was born in the Jun quarter 1884 in the Fulham district (vol 1a page 317).

A Walter Richard Smith married Maria Emily Bond on 12 August 1909 at St Augustine, Fulham. His father was listed as Henry William Smith.
The 1911 census showed Walter Smith, age 24, was living at 29 Nilton Street, Fulham Palace Rd, Fulham, with wife Maria age 24 and daughter Doris age 1. Walter’s occupation was Advertisement Manager Financial Weekly Newspaper.

The 1911 census confirmed that Louisa’s middle name was Maud
Louisa Maud Smith, age 26, was in the household of Mary Jane Smith, age 63, at 49 Brecon Road, Hammersmith, Fulham. Mary was widowed. Her birthplace, which doesn’t show on the indexes on Ancestry, was St Heliers, Jersey. Also in the household was Elizabeth Jessie Smith, age 34.

This shows that Mary was still alive in 1911, and living in Fulham.

On FreeBDM, without an approximate date of death, I couldn’t narrow my searches to after 1911, and the name Mary Smith is too common. On Ancestry, there doesn’t seem to be any way to narrow the results to just the deaths in Fulham, so I tried FindMyPast, using year of birth 1847, Category Life Events, Subcategory Deaths and Burials, and the most likely entry was:
Mary Smith, born 1846, died 1927 in Fulham.

I then used FreeReg to get the quarter, and found that there were two possibilities in 1927
March quarter 1927 Smith Mary age 81 Fulham (vol 1a page 505)
June quarter 1927 Smith Mary J age 78 Fulham (vol 1a page 311)

I then turned to the England & Wales, National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations), 1858-1966, 1973-1995 collection, to see if this would determine if either of these entries belonged to my Mary
Mary Smith of 15 Doneraile street Fulham died 18 February 1927. Although the right district, she was the wife of Joseph Smith.

I couldn’t find an entry for the Mary J Smith who died in the June quarter 1827 at Fulham on the Probate Calendar, so I don’t know if this is the entry for my Mary or not.