Surname Saturday

Surname Saturday – Gummer

The first ancestor in my tree with this surname was Sarah Gummer.

The ancestral line is

1 My ex-husband

2 Murray Irwin Willis (1931-1964)
3 Shirley Patricia Casey (1935-2013)

6 Albert George Casey (1901-1965)
7 Lilah Adela Mulder (1903-1987)

13 Caroline Elizabeth Florence Laver (1872-1934)

26 Thomas Laver (1840-1919)
27 Eliza Hooton (1842-1906)

52 George Laver (1819-1885)
53 Elizabeth Male (1818-1897)

104 John Laver (1790-1852)
105 Sarah Duck (1793-?)

210 James Duck
211 Sarah Gummer (1765-1809)

Sarah Gummer married James Duck on 23 February 1786 at South Petherton, Somerset, England, and they had 6 children:

  • George Duck (1787-?)
  • Thomas Duck (1788-?)
  • Susanna Duck (1790-?)
  • Sarah Duck (1793-?)
  • Keziah Duck (1796-1868)
  • Ann Duck (1800-?)

Sarah, wife of James Duck, was buried 5 February 1809 at South Petherton, Somerset, England.

A Public Member Tree at ancestry indicates that Sarah was christened 6 July 1756 at Wilton, Somerset, England. However, there was another possible baptism on 1 December 1765 at Taunton St Mary. I wasn’t sure that either of these would be the right person, since Wilton and Taunton aren’t that close to South Petherton. I then turned to the transcriptions of the South Petherton parish registers at to see if there was a Sarah Gummer baptised in South Petherton and found a Sara Gummer baptised 15 April 1764 at South Petherton. Her parents were George and Grace.

I then checked these transcriptions for any entries for the surname Gummer and found:

  • 28 Feb 1762 William George & Grace Gummer of Lopen
  • 15 Apr 1764 Sara George & Grace Gummer
  • 2 Jun 1756 (since the entry before and after this one is in 1765, I think it should be 1765) Sara George & Grace Gummer
  • 27 Mar 1768 Thomas George & Grace Gummer
  • 17 Apr 1770 Samuel George & Grace Gummer
  • 20 Aug 1775 Betty George & Grace Gummer

I then checked the South Petherton marriages at for any entries for the surname Gummer and found
13 Jan 1778 Robert Newton otp Susannah Gummer otp
23 Feb 1786 James Duck botp Sarah Gummer osp sp (one of the witnesses was Mary Gummer)
24 Sep 1786 William Gummer botp Mary Follet osp sp
22 Jun 1788 Henry Mead sojourner in tp widower Mary Gummer otp sp (one of the witnesses was Wm Gummer)
25 Jan 1796 Henry Harding otp Mary Gummer osp
24 Oct 1796 james Fortt otp Betty Gummer osp
29 May 1797 John Gummer otp Ann Hebditch osp

From this, the baptism in 1765 appears the most likely to be for the Sarah Gummer who married James Duck.

The baptism entry for William showed George and Grace were “of Lopen”. George Gummer married Grace Druce on 15 August 1759 at Lopen, Somerset, England.

I then turned back to Ancestry, and the only baptisms that came up when I searched for the surname Gummer, father George mother Grace was Mary Gummer on 29 February 1760 at Hinton St George and Betty Gummer on 20 August 1775 at South Petherton. This means I will have to do a manual search to find the rest of the baptisms for the family.

The next question was: is the Mary Gummer christened 1760 at Hinton St George part of this family? I therefore decided to check where Hinton St George, Lopen and South Petherton are in relation to each other.

Since the three parishes are quite close, it appears that her baptism does belong to this family.

Even with the date and parish, and using the spelling Sara, the baptism in 1765 at South Petherton didn’t come up in a search on Ancestry. It seems I will have to browse the parish registers to find the entry, as well as those for the rest of the family, so I’ll come back to that another day

422 George Gummer (1734-1812)
423 Grace Druce

I then went looking for the baptism of George Gummer, and found a baptism for George Gummer on 5 January 1734 at Lopen, Somerset, England. His parents were William and Mary.

George Gummer was buried 24 April 1812 at South Petherton, Somerset, England.

844 William Gummer
845 Mary Hutchins

The only marriage I could find between 1720 and 1740 in Somerset was that of William Gummer and Mary Hutchins on 12 December 1730 at Crewkerne St Bartholomew. The marriage entry shows that William was “of Lowpon”.

Apart from George, the other children I found for William and Mary were:

  • Sarah Gumer baptism 6 October 1731 in Lopen
  • Thomas Gummer baptism 10 April 1738 in Lopen
  • Mary Gummero baptism 7 Sep 1740 in Lopen

I haven’t been able to find a baptism or burial record for William yet.