Surname Saturday

Surname Saturday – Hebditch

The first ancestor in my tree with this surname was Susanna Hebditch.  The ancestral line is:

1 My ex-husband

2 Murray Irwin Willis (1931-1964)
3 Shirley Patricia Casey (1935-2013)

6 Albert George Casey (1901-1965)
7 Lilah Adela Mulder (1903-1987)

13 Caroline Elizabeth Florence Laver (1872-1934)

26 Thomas Laver (1840-1919)
27 Eliza Hooton (1842-1906)

52 George Laver (1819-1885)
53 Elizabeth Male (1818-1897)

104 John Laver (1790-1852)
105 Sarah Duck (1793-?)

208 Samuel Laver (1764-1834)
209 Susanna Hebditch (1767-1806)

According to online family trees (one of these is the Nicholas family tree at RootsWeb World Connect), Susanna was christened 25 March 1767, and she was the daughter of Matthew Hebditch and Jenny Masters.  There were two baptisms for a child named Susanna Hebditch in South Petherton on 25 March 1767.  One was the daughter of Matthie (Matthew) and Jane (Jenny), and the other was the daughter of Robert and Hanna.

Benjamin Hebditch’s diary shows that the Susanna Hebditch who was the daughter of Robert and Hannah Weare was born 2 July 1765, and drowned in a tub of water when she was about 2 years old.  There is a corresponding burial in August 1767 in the Parish registers.

This seemed to indicate that the information in the online trees was correct.  However, there was also another Susanna Hebditch, who was christened in 1760, parents listed as Johis (John) and Marie (Mary), who might possibly have been the one who married Samuel Laver.

“My” Susanna married Samuel Laver 4 September 1788 at South Petherton, and they had 9 children:

  • Rebecca Laver (?-1805)
  • John Laver (1790-1852)
  • Mary Laver (1790-?)
  • James Laver (1794-?)
  • Elizabeth Laver (1796-?)
  • Hannah Laver (1798-?)
  • Susannah Laver (1800-?)
  • Joan Laver (1802-?)
  • Samuel Laver (1806-?)

Susanna wife of Saml Lavor, was buried 16 September 1806 at South Petherton.

For the earlier generations of the Hebditch family, I have assumed that Susanna was the daughter of Matthew Hebditch and Jenny Masters

418 Matthew Hebditch (1737-1800)
419 Jenny Masters (1746-1816)

Matthew was christened 10 August 1737 at South Petherton.  His parents were William and Maria.

Matthew married Jenny Masters 18 December 1765 at South Petherton.  They had the following children, all christened at South Petherton:

  • Susanna Hebditch christened 25 March 1767
  • Thomas Hebditch christened 7 June 1771
  • William Hebditch christened 23 July 1773
  • Matthew Hebditch christened 2 February 1776
  • James(?)Hebditch christened 3 October 1777
  • John Hebditch christened 4 April 1779
  • Ann Hebditch christened 16 March 1788

Although she was listed as Jenny on the marriage record, Matthew’s wife is listed as Jane on her children’s baptism records, and also on her burial record.

Matthew was buried 12 March 1800 at South Petherton.

936 William Hebditch (1686-1765)
937 Maria

William was christened 26 January 1686 at South Petherton. His father was William Hebditch.

I haven’t been able to find a marriage record for William.  Online family trees list his wife’s name as Maria Vile, but I haven’t found a record to confirm this yet.

William was buried 14 Jun 1765 at South Petherton.

Since I only started checking the parish registers on Ancestry for the family today, that as much as I have on the family so far.