Surname Saturday

Surname Saturday – Kayser

The ancestor with this surname was Anna Margaretha Kayser.  The ancestral line is:

1 My ex-husband

2 Murray Irwin Willis (1931-1964)
3 Shirley Patricia Casey (1935-2013)

6 Albert George Casey (1901-1965)
7 Lilah Adela Mulder (1903-1987)

14 Patrick John Theodore Mulder (1861-1940)
15 Elizabeth Theisinger (1865-1918)

30 Jacob Theisinger (1829-1901)
31 Catherine Lepper (1829-1891)

60 Jacob Michael Theisinger (1805-?)
61 Maria Pilipina Reiss (b. ca. 1800)

120 Jean Guillaume Theisinger
121 Anna Margaretha Kayser

I have limited information about Anna.  She was listed as Anna Margaretha Kayser at the time of her son Jacob Michael Theissinger’s marriage to Maria Phillipina Reiss.  On other records she was listed as Margaretha Kaiser, Marguerite Kayser, and Marguerithe Kaiser. She was listed as Anna Marguerithe Kayser when she married Jean Guillaume Theissinger on 5 February 1805 at Katzweiler, Pfalz, Bavaria.

They had the following children

  • Jacob Michael (Jacques) Theissinger (1805)
  • Susanne Theissinger (1807)
  • Marguerite Theisinger (1809)
  • Jacob Theissinger (1811)
  • Margaretha Theissinger (1815)
  • Wilhelm Theissinger (1815)
  • Johannes Theisinger (1817)
  • Johann Georg Theissinger (1817-1817)
  • Wilhelm Theissinger (1819)
  • Peter Theissinger (1822)
  • Wilhelm Theissinger (1825)

I don’t yet have a date of death for Anna.  I also haven’t been able to find a baptism record for her, so I have not been able to trace her line any further back.

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