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Surname Saturday – Kerr

The first ancestor in my tree is Isabella Kerr.  The ancestral line is:

1 My ex-husband

2 Murray Irwin Willis (1931-1964)
3 Shirley Patricia Casey (1935-2013)

4 Thomas Arthur Willis (1900-1957)
5 Dorothea Isabella Sinclair Smith (1904-1979)

10 Thomas Smith (1873-1935)
11 Louisa May Clyne (1881-1949)

22 David Clyne (1825-1896)
23 Isabella Kerr (1837-1896)

Isabella was born about 1837.  The records I have for Isabella show she was born in Berwickshire, Scotland, but I haven’t been able to find a baptism record for her, although I have found records for some of her older siblings.  The family lived closed to the border between Scotland and England, so she may have been baptized in a parish in England.

Isabella came to Australia with her parents in 1859, and she married David Clyne on 14 September 1860 at Lake Learmonth in the colony of Victoria.

Isabella and David had 9 children:

  • David Clyne (1861-1931)
  • Ralph Clyne (1863-1929)
  • James Clyne (1865-1933)
  • Margaret Clyne (1867-1910)
  • Sinclair Steele Clyne (1869-1943)
  • Frederick Clyne (1872-1877)
  • Jessie (or Mary) Anne Isabella Clyne (1874-1877)
  • Henry Clyne (1878-1942)
  • Louisa May Clyne (1881-1949)

Isabella died 4 January 1896 at Upper Maffra, and was buried 5 January 1896 at the Maffra Cemetery.

46 Ralph Kerr (1787-1875)
47 Margaret Haswell (1794-1884)

Ralph was christened 11 November 1787 at Ayton, Berwickshire, Scotland.

He married Margaret Haswell on 24 May 1816 at Hutton, Berwickshire, Scotland

Ralph and Margaret had 13 children:

  • Elizabeth Kerr (1817-bef 1884)
  • Margaret Kerr (1819-?)
  • William Kerr (1820-bef 1841)
  • James Kerr (1822-bef 1841)
  • Adam Kerr (1824-1903)
  • Jessie Kerr (1825-?)
  • Susan Renton Kerr (1830-1906)
  • Robert Kerr (1832-bef 1841)
  • Patrick Kerr (1834-bef 1841)
  • John Kerr (1834-1917)
  • Isabella Kerr (1837-1896)
  • Mary Kerr (1838-1909)
  • Ralph Kerr (1840-1918)

Ralph and Margaret came to Australia with most of their children in 1859.

Ralph died 2 June 1875 at Eurambeen in the colony of Victoria.

92 William Kerr (b. abt 1750)
93 Margaret Forster (b. abt 1750)

William Ker married Margaret Forster on 6 September 1778 at Ayton, Berwickshire, Scotland.

William and Margaret had 2 children that were born at Ayton:

  • Ralph christened 11 November 1787 (or 1784)
  • Adam christened 13 July 1791

Since there is a fairly large gap between the marriage of William and Margaret in 1778, and the birth of Ralph in 1787, I looked for any baptisms between 1778 and 1787 with a father named William in Berwickshire, and found a few at Hutton. However, further research has indicated that these were the children of William Ker (the younger of Broadmeadows) and Veronica Hay, who had been married in 1773 in Edinburgh. I also found that there were two other marriages for a William Ker in Ayton, one in 1786 to Hannah Collingwood, and the other in 1783 to Isobel Martin.  I have therefore not been able to trace this line any further back at this stage.
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