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Surname Saturday – Lepper

The first ancestor with this surname was Catherine Lepper. The line back to my ex-husband is:

Lepper Russell relationship

Catherine (or Katherine) Lepper was born about 1829 in Konigsberg, Germany (which is now Kaliningrad, Russia).

She was in Liverpool, England by 1853, where she married Jacob Theisinger on 18 September 1853.  Her marriage record lists her father as Christoff Lepper.

Jacob and Catherine had 6 children:

  • Catherine Theisinger (1854-1939)
  • Philip Henry Theisinger (1856-1942)
  • Peter Theisinger (1858-1932)
  • Jacob Theisinger (1860-1898)
  • William Theisinger (1863-1943)
  • Elizabeth Theisinger (1865-1918)

Catherine died 1 July 1891 at her home in Hurd Street, Portland, in the colony of Victoria.

At this stage, I just have the name of her father, but no other details about him.  I have not been able to find a birth or baptism record for Catherine yet, so I have not been able to take this line back any further at this stage.


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