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Australia, Newspaper Vital Notices, 1841-2001

The title of this collection at Ancestry is misleading.  The collection doesn’t just include vital notices.

In April this year,I upgraded to the All Access subscription at Ancestry, which included subscriptions to Fold3 and

I had found a few articles on from The Age, that they were Publisher Extra articles.  Since these required an upgrade, I made a note of the articles I was interested in, to come back to them later when I could afford to upgrade.

Last night, while double checking the Australia, Newspaper Vital Notices, 1841-2001 collection at Ancestry for death notices for my father-in-law Murray Irwin Willis, I noticed that I was having to jump a lot of pages to move from one date to the next.  Since it seemed like all the pages from the newspaper were available, I decided to check the articles I had found on, and was able to find them in the Australia, Newspaper Vital Notices, 1841-2001 collection.