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Surname Saturday – Mansfield

The first ancestor in my tree with this surname was Dora Mansfield.  The relationship to my ex-husband is:

Russell to Dora relationshiop

21 Dora Mansfield (1844-1913)

Dora was baptized 31 March 1844 at Tralee, Kerry, Ireland.

She married James Smith on 26 February 1873 at Nuntin in the Colony of Victoria.  They had five children:

  • Thomas Smith (1873-1935)
  • Mary Jean (or Jane) Smith (1875-1965)
  • Rachel Dora Smith (1877-1963)
  • John James Smith (1881-1963)
  • William Smith (1887-1971)

Dora died 9 February 1913 at Sandringham, Victoria, Australia, and was buried 11 February 1913 at the Maffra Cemetery, Maffra, Victoria, Australia

42 John Mansfield (1809-1882)
43 Mary O’Keefe (1801-1891)

John was born about 1809 at Tralee, Kerry, Ireland.

He married Mary O’Keefe around 1829, probably at Tralee.  John and Mary had the following children:

  • Matthew Mansfield born 18 January 1829, baptized 1 February 1829 at BALLYMACELLIGOTT & BALLYSEEDY. It is not yet known what happened to Matthew, although Mary O’Keefe’s death certificate shows he was 57 years old at the time, indicating he was still alive in 1891.
  • Catherine Mansfield baptized 27 December 1831 at Tralee. Catherine married William Eager on 29 March 1856 at Tralee, and then Benjamin Cross after her father’s death.  She died in 1923 at Coburg, Victoria, Australia.
  • Charles Mansfield baptized 12 January 1840 at Tralee. He died 5 July 1887 at Gippsland, Sale, in the colony of Victoria
  • Mary Ann Mansfield baptized 5 April 1840 at Tralee. Mary married John Farmer. She died in 1919.
  • John James Mansfield baptized 27 November 1842 at Tralee. Based on his age, the order of the children on his mother’s death certificate, and the immigration record for the family, this was the John Mansfield who died 20 September 1912 at Clydebank, Victoria, Australia.
  • Dora Mansfield baptized 31 March 1844 at Tralee. She married James Smith and died in 1913.
  • John Henry George Mansfield baptized 25 June 1848 at Tralee. This John appears to have died before 1857, as he doesn’t appear on the immigration record for the family
  • Richard Mansfield born 1848 baptized 20 July 1854 at Tralee. The immigration record shows he came to Australia with the rest of the family. I have not been able to find a death record for Richard yet, although his mother’s death certificate indicates he was still alive in 1891.
  • Thomas Mansfield born 1851 baptized 20 July 1854 at Tralee. Thomas died in 1889 at Prahran, in the colony of Victoria.

John Mansfield died 12 May 1882 at Sale, in the colony of Victoria. He was buried 14 May 1882 at the Sale Cemetery.

John’s death certificate shows his parents were Mathew Mansfield and Margaret Pervars.  I haven’t been able to find any records to confirm the names of his parents, so I haven’t been able to trace this family back any further at this stage.   There was a burial of a Matthew Mansfield, age 49, on 17 November 1826 at Templenoe, Kenmare, Kerry.  The age would be about right for him to have been John’s father, however, Kenmare is a fair distance from Tralee, where our Mansfield family lived.


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