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My thoughts on RootsMagic’s TreeShare

Randy Seaver on the Genea-Musings blog in his post Looking at My New RootsMagic Upload Ancestry Member Tree and Source Citations shared his concerns about the way that RootsMagic TreeShare converted the source citations from his RootsMagic database to Ancestry, so I decided to compare what happens when I uploaded a Gedcom from Legacy to Ancestry, when I transferred my Legacy file to RootsMagic and then used TreeShare to upload the tree to Ancestry, and when I created a Gedcom from RootsMagic and uploaded that to Ancestry.

These are the sources from the file uploaded from a Gedcom created in Legacy

sources Legacy gedcom

These are the sources from the Gedcom from RootsMagic, after transferring the file from Legacy:

sources RootsMagic gedcom

And finally, uploading from RootsMagic with TreeShare

sources RootsMagic treeshare

The sources using TreeShare were repeated for each event they were attached to.  Although at first glance, I preferred the way that the file created from RootsMagic because it gave more details for the birth and death certificates, I decided to compare the source citations created from the Gedcom files

This is the one from the gedcom from Legacy

detail Legacy

And this was from RootsMagic

detail Rootsmagic

I have already found that I prefer the way that the Legacy citations transfer across to the family tree on my website (  Since I prefer the way the sources appear on Ancestry as well, I will continue to update my Ancestry tree using a Gedcom from Legacy.  I have already written about why I prefer to use Legacy, rather than RootsMagic, in my post Why I prefer to use Legacy Family Tree

2 thoughts on “My thoughts on RootsMagic’s TreeShare”

  1. Thank you for this “comparison shopping” about the quality of citation transfers. It’s definitely a subject that deserves our attention, and I appreciate the time you’ve devoted to the experiments.

    In order to get the detail I want in my citations on Ancestry, I have to create them on my desktop package and cram the desired details into the Title field. For example, I don’t want Ancestry to display just “1830 US Census”; that doesn’t help anyone. I want it to show “1830 US Census, Peters Twp, Washington Co, Pa., p.23” — so all of that needs to be in the Title field. That means that on my desktop I have to type that in as my title.

    I think if you examine the “Unsourced citations” on Ancestry, you’ll find the details hidden in the Citation or other fields that don’t display in a person’s profile. I understand Ancestry’s wanting a “pretty” display on a profile, but there is plenty of white space available to show the Title AND the Citation fields. Why don’t they?


    1. I don’t like the source display on Ancestry at all – I much prefer the display on my own website –, which uses Darrin Lythgoe’s The Next Generation of Genealogy Site-building. What fills up the whole screen in Ancestry takes up hardly any space at all. This is the list of the sources for my grandfather on my own website
      [S14], The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, ((, entry for John Ernest Whimpey.

      [S2] Birth certificate, Victoria, Australia, Victoria Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages, birth certificate 13277 (1884), John Ernest Whimpey.

      [S8] Death certificate, Victoria, Victoria, Australia Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages, death certificate 49506/2009 C (2009), Ivon Walter Whimpey.
      Copy of certificate sent to me by my sister

      [S5] Marriage certificate, Victoria, Australia, Victoria. Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages., marriage certificate 6992 (1914), Whimpey-Harley.

      [S9] The Argus, Australia, Victoria. Melbourne., “Approaching Marriages O’Neill-Whimpey,” 3 November 1944, p. 8; digital images, Trove?( : accessed 31 Jan 2017).

      [S8] Death certificate, Victoria, Victoria, Australia Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages, death certificate 9319 (1960), John Ernest Whimpey.

      Not only does it take up less space, but it includes all the information.


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