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Surname Saturday – Marshall

To demonstrate my connection to the Marshall family, I am using part of a pedigree chart for my ex-husband’s father, because he had two ancestors in the one generation that were related.

Murray Irwin Willis Pedigree

Ann Marshall was the aunt of Catherine Marshall – Catherine’s father Andrew was Ann’s brother. This means that I can’t follow the same format in talking about this family as I have for other surnames.

I’ll start with Catherine Marshall

Catherine Marshall (1850-1919)

Catherine was born about 1850, either in near Old Leighlin in Carlow, or in Dublin. Her parents were Andrew Marshall and Mary Ann Styles.  Her mother died when she was about 2 years old, and her father remarried.  Catherine didn’t get along with her step mother, Jane Perrin, so she migrated to Australia, where her aunts Anne and Jane, and uncle Matthew were already living.

It was in Australia that Catherine met Hans Hansen.  They were married 10 November 1868 at Sandhurst (Bendigo) in the colony of Victoria. Hans and Catherine had 5 children:

  • Johanna Hansen (1871-1967)
  • Susannah Hansen (1871-?)
  • Peter Hansen (1875-1947)
  • Elizabeth Hansen (1880-1969)
  • Frederick Christian Hansen (1881-1949)

Catherine died 18 December 1919 at Kamarooka, Victoria, .Australia

Andrew Marshall (1823-1892)

I have conflicting information about Andrew’s date of birth.  A family history I was sent in 1991 gave his date of birth as 20 October 1823 in Old Leighlin, Carlow, Ireland.  Another family history online had 20 October 1828.  Andrew’s parents were Andrew Marshall and Catherine Jane Leach

Andrew married Mary Ann Hayes, nee Styles, on 3 April 1848 at Carlow, Ireland.  The date of birth in 1823 seems more consistent with this marriage date.

Andrew died 9 April 1892 in Dublin North, Dublin, Ireland, and his age on the death certificate is listed as 68 years old.  This is also more consistent with the 1823 birth date.

For many years, I only had one child to Andrew and Mary Ann, their daughter Catherine mentioned above.  However, now that the Church of Ireland records have become available online, I found a baptism entry for another daughter, Jane, who was born 11 April 1852, and baptized 11 June 1852 at Saint Mary, Dublin, Dublin, Ireland.

Andrew’s wife Mary Ann died in 1852, and Andrew then married Jane Perrin in 1853 at Dublin North.  They had 7 children.

  • Andrew Marshall b ca. 1855
  • Sarah Jane Marshall b ca. 1857
  • Ellen Marshall b ca. 1858
  • Anna Maria Marshall (Nan) born 18 Sep 1864 at No 1 North City, Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
  • Deborah Marshall born 7 April 1867 at No 1 North City, Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
  • Thomas Marshall born 24 July 1869 at No 1 North City, Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
  • George Marshall born 16 December 1872 at No 1 North City, Dublin, Dublin, Ireland

I have not yet added these dates of birth to my family tree.  I also have more information on their descendants that I haven’t added to my tree yet.

Family records also show an 8th child who was born and died in 1865.  There is no record for this child in the civil registration indexes.

Ann(e) Marshall (1832-1890)

Ann(e) was born 3 May 1832 at Old Leighlin, Carlow, Ireland.  She was the daughter of Andrew Marshall and Catherine Jane Leach.

Ann(e) came to Australia on the “David McIver” which arrived in New South Wales 2 September 1853.  The immigration record shows the following information for Anne.

32 Marshall Anne 20 Genl servant old Leighlin co Carlow Andrew & Cath father dead mother living in Bagenalstown Co f E read none good paid 1 pound

Ann(e) married George Willis on 18 July 1854 in Sydney in the colony of New South Wales.  They had 12 children:

  • Mary Jane Willis (1855-1924)
  • George William Willis (1857-1918)
  • Catherine Alice Willis (1860-1947)
  • Deborah Anne Willis (1862-1939)
  • Elizabeth Lucy Willis (1864-1952)
  • Charlotte Ann Willis (1865-1865)
  • Susan Frances Marshall Willis (1867-1867)
  • Thomas Matthew Willis (1869-1945)
  • Sarah Frances Willis (1870-1956)
  • Amelia Eleanor Willis (1871-1950)
  • Ann Margaret Willis (1873-1875)
  • Ada Louise Willis (1874-1874)

Their eldest daughter, Mary Jane Willis’s birth certificate indicates that they had 1 child who was deceased.  No other record for this child has been found

Ann died 10 April 1890 at Eaglehawk in the colony of Victoria, and was buried 13 April 1890 at the Eaglehawk Cemetery.

Andrew Marshall (ca. 1780-ca. 1853)

Andrew was born about 1780 in Ireland.

He married Judith Williams on 6 February 1810 at Old Leighlin, Carlow, Ireland.  They are thought to have had 3 children:

  • Ellen Marshall (ca. 1811-?)
  • William Marshall (1812-1873)
  • Eliza Marshall (1814-?)

Judith died, and Andrew then married Catherine Jane Leach.  They had 13 children:

  • John Marshall (1817-1883)
  • Deborah Marshall (1819-?)
  • Sarah Marshall (1821-?)
  • Matthew Marshall (1822-1900)
  • Andrew Marshall (1823-1892)
  • George Marshall (1826-1902)
  • Joseph Marshall (1826-1828)
  • Henry C. Marshall (1830-1906)
  • Ann Marshall (1832-1890)
  • Richard Marshall (1834-1886)
  • Jane Marshall (1835-1906)
  • Jane had a twin brother (1835-1835)
  • Thomas Marshall (1839-1915)

Andrew appears on Griffiths Valuations, which was taken around 1852-1853.  His daughter’s immigration record dated September 1853 states he was deceased.  He therefore died around 1852-1853.

William Marshall (b. ca. 1750)

A family tree I found online states that William was an Orangeman from Northern Ireland.  This is consistent with the fact that the parish registers for Old Leighlin start in 1781, but the earliest record for the Marshall family was the baptism of his daughter Ann in 1789.  Using the parish registers, I have William’s children as follows:

  • Elizabeth Marshall born ca. 1776. Elizabeth Marshall of Tullowcreen married Robert Watchorn on 27 December 1796 at Old Leighlin.
  • Andrew Marshall born ca. 1780. Andrew Marshall of Agharue married Judith Williams on 6 February 1810 at Old Leighlin.
  • Eleanor Marshall born ca. 1785. Eleanor Marshall of Tullowcreen married Thomas Carpenter on 8 August 1805 at Old Leighlin
  • Sarah Marshall born ca. 1786. Sarah Marshall of Tullowcreen married Richard Griffith on 5 June 1806 at Old Leighlin
  • Anne Marshall baptized 10 December 1789 at Old Leighlin, parents William and Deborah Marshall of Tullowcreen
  • Deborah Marshall baptized 15 March 1795 at Old Leighlin, parents William and Deborah Marshall of Tullowcreen
  • Joseph Marshall baptized 28 December 1798 at Old Leighlin, parents William and Deborah Marshall of Tullowcreen.

The parish registers online only go up to 1813, so I haven’t found a death/burial record for William. He appears to have still been alive in 1824, as the Tithe Applotment books have an entry in 1824 for William and Joe Marshall at Old Leighlin in the Parish of OldLeighlin.

From the list of entries where I searched for all entries for the surname Marshall in Carlow, it appears that different townlands were done in different years.

Surname Forename Townland/Street Parish County Year
Marshall John Roscat Aghade Carlow 1828
Marshall Henry Roscat Aghade Carlow 1828
Marshall Henry Roscat Aghade Carlow 1828
Marshall Joe Old Leighlin Oldleighlin Carlow 1824
Marshall William Old Leighlin Oldleighlin Carlow 1824
Marshall Andrew Augharue Tullowcreen Carlow 1834
Marshall Andrew Augharue Tullowcreen Carlow 1834

It is not known if the John and Henry Marshall at Roscat have any connection to our Marshall family.

Because I don’t yet know where William Marshall came to Oldleighlin from, I haven’t been able to trace this family any further.

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