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Surname Saturday – Masters

The first ancestor in my tree with this surname was Jenny Masters.  The relationship to my ex-husband is:

Jenny Masters to Russell

Jenny Masters to Russell 2

Jenny Masters (1745-1816)

Before today, all I had for Jenny was her name, so today I did some research, using FreeReg, and the parish registers for South Petherton on

Jenny was baptized 31 January 1745 at South Petherton, Somerset, England.  Her parents were Peter and Ann Masters.

She married Matthew Hebditch on 18 December 1765 at South Petherton.  They had the following children:

  • Susannah Hebditch (1767-1806)
  • Thomas Hebditch (1771-?)
  • William Hebditch (1773-?)
  • Matthew Hebditch (1776-?)

Jane Hebditch was buried 26 April 1816 at South Petherton.  She was 70 years old.

Peter Masters (1717-1778)

Peter was baptized 9 July 1717 at South Petherton.  He was the son of Samuel Masters.

Peter Masters married Ann Edmonds on 8 November 1744.   They appear to have had only one child:

  • Jenny Masters (1745-1816)

Peter was buried 3 April 1778 at South Petherton.

Samuel Masters (1686-1767)

Samuel was baptized 19 February 1686 at South Petherton. He was the son of Peter Masters.

A marriage entry for Samuel has not yet been found.  The following children have been found for a Samuel Masters around 1717 in South Petherton:

  • Peter Masters baptized 9 July 1717
  • John Masters baptized 11 Jan 1719
  • Sarah Masters baptized 23 Nov 1721

The first burial entry found after 1721 for a Samuel Masters in South Petherton was on 1 July 1767. Samuel would have been 81 years old, so I’m not sure that this would be the burial entry for this Samuel Masters.

Peter Masters (1632-1715)

FreeReg shows the following entries for Peter Masters in South Petherton from 1550 to 1716:

  • Peter MASTERS           Baptism           29 Jul 1632 father Peter Masters
  • Peter MASTERS           Burial   01 Nov 1652
  • Peter MASTERS           Marriage          03 Jan 1664      married Elizabeth Glover – matches the baptism in 1632
  • Peter MASTERS           Baptism           05 Nov 1665    parents Moses? Masters And Elizabeth
  • Peter MASTERS           Burial   18 Mar 1666    son of John Masters
  • Peter MASTERS           Burial   15 Oct 1676     son of Peter Masters
  • Peter MASTERS           Baptism           09 Aug 1689    son of John Masters
  • Peter MASTERS           Burial   15 Oct 1693     son of Peter Masters
  • Peter MASTERS           Burial   20 Jun 1715

The original parish registers (on show the Peter buried in 1666 was the son of Peter Masters. This would be the burial for the Peter baptized in 1665.

The original parish registers had an additional baptism for a Peter Masters on 30 December 1674. This would be the Peter buried in 1676.

There was no Peter buried in 1693 according to the original parish registers

These are the children I have found for Peter Masters between 1665 and 1686, in South Petherton

  • Peter Masters baptized 5 November 1665 buried 18 Mar 1666
  • Maria Masters baptized 12 July 1668
  • Peter Masters baptized 30 Dec 1674 buried 15 Oct 1676
  • Samuel Masters baptized 28 Jan 1678 buried 8 Jun 1679
  • Samuel Masters baptized 22 February 1686

This was as far back as I had decided to go today, but I decided to do a Google search for “Peter Masters South Petherton”, and found this website:

Although the site only had years of birth, it enabled me to find the entries in the original parish registers at Ancestry for the earlier generation.

Peter Masters (1598-1652)

Peter Masters was baptized 30 April 1598 at South Petherton. He was the son of William Masters.

I haven’t yet found any other children for Peter, apart from

  • Peter Masters (1632-1715)

He was buried 1 November 1652.

William Masters

William had the following children:

  • Joan Masters baptized 11 October 1590
  • Joan Masters baptized 5 Jun 1596
  • Peter Masters baptized 30 April 1598
  • Agnes Masters baptized 8 Jun 1600
  • John Masters baptized 2 July 1602
  • Robert Masters baptized 1 September 1605
  • Edith Masters baptized 27 December 1611

The marriages jump from 1583 to 1600, and the parish registers only began in 1574 for South Petherton, so this is as far back as I have been able to go with this line.

The parish registers were in Latin. I have used the English version of names and dates.


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