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Finland Censuses and Voter lists

The only one of the 3 main subscription websites that has any census and voter lists for Finland is

My Heritage

Finland Church Census and Pre-Confirmation Books, 1657-1915

But, census records are available for Finland from free sites


No census and voter lists come up in the All Published Record Collections, but when searching in the FamilySearch catalogue, I only found 1 collection, in the Finland Census category, that had digital images

Uudempi tilikirjakokoelma : läänintilit, 1635-1809

The Family Search Wiki shows that there is a collection that is scheduled to become available on FamilySearch:

Finland, Census, 1734-1860

Finnish National Archives

Henkikirjat (Census Records), Finnish National Archives, 1634-100 years ago 

The FamilySearch Wiki – Finland Online Genealogy Records page has a section on how to use this collection

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