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The Ancestral Places Geneameme

Alona on the LoneTester blog set up The Ancestral Places Geneameme.

National flags of the different countries of the world in a heap. Top view

“What places do your ancestors come from?

Using the alphabet how many letters can you name ancestral places for? Some you will no doubt know well, some you may not … at least not yet (see my letter ‘I’ and ‘N’ examples below). I still have more research to do on those lines.

It doesn’t have to be where your ancestors were born, but it does have to be a place that they were associated with. For instance they lived or worked in that place.

Name the letter, followed by the place (town/parish/county/state/or country), and the surname/s associated with that place.”

Here’s mine

Abernyte, Perth, Scotland (Prain)

Bassingbourn, Cambridgeshire, England (Campkin, Docwra, Leete, Quy, Scott, Sell)
Birmingham, Warwickshire, England (Doyle, Mills)

Cork, Cork, Ireland (Russell)

Dallas, Moray, Scotland (Harley, McAish)
Dundee, Angus, Scotland (Harley, Marr, Nicol, Philp, Richardson, Tosh)

East Stonehouse, Devon, England (Reeves, Crook)

Ferry Port on Craig, Fife, Scotland (Dandie, Hardie)
Frome, Somerset, England (Whimpey, Clements, Dredge)

Guilden Morden, Cambridgeshire, England (Fossey, Leete, Muncy, Scott, Sell, Warren)

Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia (Whimpey)

Islip, Northamptonshire, England (Slawson)

Jamison, Victoria, Australia (Morck*)

Kilmany, Fife, Scotland (Dandie)

Leuchars, Fife, Scotland (Donaldson, Hardie, Pattie)
Longforgan, Perth, Scotland (Harley, Dandie, Prain)

Melbourn, Cambridgeshire, England (Campkin, Oliver, Pewter, Scott, West)

Newbridge, Victoria, Australia (Whimpey)
North Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (Marr)

Orwell, Cambridgshire, England (Coe)

Prahran, Victoria, Australia (Docwra)

Queenscliff, Victoria, Australia (Dandie*)

Rochford, Victoria, Australia (Harley)

Shepton Mallet, Somerset, England (Reeves)
Steeple Morden, Cambridgeshire, England (Scott, West)

Tadlow, Cambridgeshire, England (Jefferson)
Tarnagulla, Victoria, Australia (Whimpey)
Twywell, Northamptonshire, England (Skempton)

Upper Maffra, Victoria, Australia (Clyne)

Valencia Creek, Victoria, Australia (Smith)

Wakefield, Yorkshire, England (Oldroyd, Sharp, Sidebottom)

Yackandandah, Victoria, Australia (Ford*)

Zoar, Tuscarawas, Ohio, United States (Geltz*)

For most of the letters, I used the main places my ancestors were from. However, I cheated a little for the following:
J My 2x great grandmother, Elizabeth Ann Ball, had a sister Martha Agnes Ball. Martha’s two children were born at Jamieson
Q My 2x great grandmother, Euphemia Dandie, had a brother John Dandie. John’s son James died at Queenscliff, and a few of his descendants were born there.
U I had to use my ex-husband’s side of the family – his 2x great grandparents David Clyne and Isabella Kerr died at Upper Maffra
V I had to use my ex-husband’s side of the family – his 2x great grandfather James Smith lived at Valencia Creek
Y My 3x great grandmother, Mary Scott, had a half-sister, Edith Elizabeth Scott (she married David Ford), who lived at Yackandandah
Z my 2x great grandfather Joseph Whimpey, had a brother Isaac. Isaac’s daughter Mary married Lewis Geltz, who had been born at Zoar, Tuscarawas, Ohio, United States

I wasn’t able to find a location for the letter X

I have also created a PDF file for all the locations associated with my direct ancestors, with details about each person/event at each location.

ancestral places

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