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Lithuania Census & Voter lists

The only 2 sites to have any collections for Lithuania in the Census & Voter lists category are My Heritage and Ancestry

My Heritage

Lithuania Internal Passports, 1919-1940

Last updated June 16 2015 Number of records 112, 189


Lithuania, LitvakSIG Census & Family Lists from Various Districts, 1795-1900

Number of records 421,355

East Europe, Registers and Listings from Ten Jewish Ghettos, 1939-1942
Number of records 339,488

Lithuania, Tax and Voters Lists, 1839-1949 (various years)
Number of records 148,571

Russia, Jewish Families in Russian Empire Census, 1897
Number of records 13,465

Russian Empire, Grodno Gubernia Voters List, 1912
Number of records 26,624

Kelme, Lithuania, Records Index, 1816-1944
Number of records 3,104

After Googling for the Lithuania Internal Passports, I found that Ancestry has this in their Immigration and Travel category

Lithuania, Internal Passports, 1919-1940
Number of records 40,998

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