Surname Saturday

Surname Saturday – Punter


The first person with this surname was Lucy Punter.  Her relationship to my ex-husband is:

Russell to Lucy Punter

Lucy Punter was baptized 17 May 1767 at Dauntsey, Wiltshire, England. Her parents were James and Lucy Punter.

She married John Cooper on 2 March 1789 at Dauntsey, Wiltshire, England, and they had three children:

  • Alice Cooper born about 1789 baptized 22 February 1792 at Melksham, Wiltshire, England (baptism record lists her as Ellis)
  • Lucy Cooper baptized 22 February 1792 at Melksham
  • Eliza Cooper born about 1793 baptized 16 March 1800 at Melksham

Lucy was buried 7 November 1851 at the Melksham Chapelry of Shaw.

Sources of information can be found in my entry for Lucy Punter in my family tree.

I need to do more research on this branch of the family, so next week I will share what I find for Lucy’s parents

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