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On the Legacy Family Tree News there was the post Free Access to 1 Billion Census Records this week

When I first tried to access these records, I was prompted to sign up, and then when I logged in with my old details, I was asked to provide my credit card details.  However, I just tried again, and I was able to access the records without logging in or signing up.

Also, Geoff states “I knew they had lots of records that weren’t available anywhere else”.  That’s not my experience.  I have recently been comparing the census & voter lists collections (my posts can be found by selecting the Censuses & Voter Lists category) held by FindMyPast, MyHeritage and Ancestry, and I have found that nearly all of the collections on MyHeritage are available on Ancestry, or FamilySearch, or on another free site (such as Dansk Demografisk Database for Denmark, Libraries and Archives Canada for Canada).

My ancestors came to Victoria, Australia between 1841 and 1863.  I have found that Ancestry has the largest collection of Australian records. I have also found that they have more of the Parish records for the places my (and my ex-husband’s) ancestors came from – Somerset (my Whimpey and Reeves lines, his Laver and Male lines), Wiltshire (his Willis line), Northamptonshire (my Slawson line), Warwickshire (my Doyle and Mills line), and West Yorkshire (my Sharp and Oldroyd lines).

As a result, I don’t bother using MyHeritage anymore. I don’t have a tree on MyHeritage anymore either – it cost more to have just my tree (I have 11,000 people in it) on MyHeritage than the UK Heritage subscription with Ancestry.   (Another reason why I don’t need to have a tree on MyHeritage is that I have both RootsMagic and Legacy Family Tree, and both of these have MyHeritage hints, so I’ll be able to check if MyHeritage has any information I haven’t been able to find elsewhere).

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